Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 94

these past two weeks have been great in the work here in maquiteria. angelo was baptized and confirmed this week. he was super excited and has been prepared to take this step for a while, he just needed to make the decision!


also, brayan accepted the date for this coming weekend, he is preparing himself nicely, as well as janfreisi, she accepted the date for the 13th, her parents and little siblings all went to church this week, super awesome!


we had zone conference this week and we talked about an interesting topic, which i think has to do a lot with what is going on back home...


we talked about the pre earth life. the opposition that there was there, so much that 1/3 of our spiritual brothers and sisters decided to reject our heavenly fathers plan, even being in his presence! but the amazing part is how all of us that have, and will recieve a body here on earth will recieve the oportunity to progress. then there is the question, and what about those who came to the earth with different circumstances? president Corbitt talked about his personal experience, how he was born in a part of the world to a family that didnt have the gospel. but now he is a mission president! its interesting how we as members take part in the salvation of our brothers and sisters, i think thats why the prophet Joseph Smith said that preaching the gospel is the most important thing we can do! 


Gods plan is perfect. He does love us. i quoted the words of my dads song "welcome home" 


"we are brothers and sisters far away from home, 

father sent us down here and now we are on our own,

He sent us down to see, just how good we could be,

though we struggle and we fall, we will make it home after all."


the spirit was there.


i love you all, know that the book of mormon is the rock of my testimony, when doubt and fear arise, i turn to the book of mormon, and it fortifies all the knowledge of the gospel and plan of salvation. God Lives, Jesus is the Christ, Families can be together forever!




angelo and his baptism. 

p day basketball in valiente, went to say goodbye to the people there!

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