Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 28

President Corbitt,

Well this week was another great one, actually a spectacular one,we found out we have 3 more people ready to be baptized, which makes 7 people in total now! David, Oriana, Christopher all had thier interviews this week, and now we have Nicol, as well as Mary Angel, which are niƱos, but Elder Ramos Told me that he had already talked to you about permission to baptize them, they are solid,weare just teaching them the lessons in review for thier interviews, and then we found out the Ariana and Kaysi are ready to be baptized this saturday as well! they came to church and told us they were ready, originally they were going to wait until february, but they took our advice, about listening to the spirit and praying about what is best for them, and told us they are ready! really has been an amazing week!

We also had an exchange with the ZLs, Elder Daniels and I handled our area, which was really fun, we have mutual friends, because he is from Heber UT, and I have Best friends that live there, Small world when your a missionary! haha but it went well, he taught me a couple helpful things, like the importance of asking good questions in lessons, it went well. 

All is well, we are super excited for this saturday, cant wait to see you there! :)


Sounds like all is going super well back home,Crazy all the changes in the Ward, Also super glad and sad to hear the Broncos are in the super bowl this year... Im not sure which is worse, missing that, or star wars 7 ): oh well, the blessings are still so amazing here in the mission, dont forget to buy all the treats on saturday so that we can keep the sabbath day holy ;) hehehehe (loved d bones celebration dance!) haha

but all is good, we are working really hard with the members, this wardis amazing, super in the missionary work!

we had a worldwide missionary broadcast this week which was cool, I think I saw Jess,it was in the Provo MTC I think ;) hehe

got a little sick this week, we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, its just that im a little poor from all the christmas packages i got this year, haha its as blessing and a burden, might have to use some of the personal card mom...

I miss you guys tons, I will try to take more pics of the house and area, but it really is amazing, sometimes I forget where I am, like Geographically, and then when I think about it, its super cool, and makes me a little trunky at the same time...

thanks for keeping me up to date, tell the new members called to new positions I sustain them, I know God calls his leaders in the right time and right place, thats something you learn real quick in the mission.

I love you all so much, Know that I Know that this church is true, Christ is our savior, the Book of Mormon is key to our realigion,and Joseph Smith was a true prophet :)

until next week, 
 Another pic of the lookout from our laundry room, it was a nice afternoon, i was enjoying the view, when i learned a long told lie... Bigfoot doesnt live in south weber, sorry folks, seems that cain managed to swim to the DR to enjoy the huge avacados and palm trees :)hehe

One morning, i think it was tuesday, I got up, made some hot chocolate and bread and went up to the roof to enjoy the sunrise, another breath taking sight, you can also see the ocean a little further to the right, super super amazing, love this area!

 Today for PDAY we had a super fun activity where it was missionary jeapordy, questions about church history, the missionary manual, preach my gospel, and the Book of Mormon, if you answered wrong not only did you not get the points, but you got flour thrown in your face, here is Elder Graff and I floured, my question was "who is KishKumen" (leader of the gadianton robbers)... who remembers that!? so I answered that I was pretty sure he was a hip hop rapper from chicago, maybe Kade can look him up ;) haha also played basketball and ate hamburgers, super fun day! :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 27

WOO HOO! haha wierd that this week i got over the quarter mark, time sorta seems to be flying, but then i realize that i have another 3 quarters to go, but we are doing great, loving the misison life!

wanted to share what I wrote president this week:

President Corbitt,

This week was an awesome one, we have 2 dates set for the 30th and we are planning on putting two more tonight with the help of the bishop, and one more this week, those for the 30th are Oriana and David, we are planning on putting dates with Ariana and Kaysi today, and Nicol this week, we also have a date with a single mother of 2 named Melibett, she is progressing very nicely towards baptism, she just is fauilting the assistance to the church, but this week was awesome, read your letter about the assistance to the temple and want you to know that we kept that rule, we went and taught a lesson with Oriana, David, Melibett, and 3 other investigators who are also progressing, we shared about family history and testified that our families can be together forever, listening to the family stories of these people that came with us, experiences of broken families, hardship and other tribulations, brought me to tears. the spirit was so strong as we testified of Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement, that makes it possible for us to overcome these trying experiences, to testify that the family can be together forever brings me so much joy, really an amazing experience. 

really was an amazing experience to be at the temple and share about how awesome my family is, i took my photo album and shared pictures of us infront of the temple in Utah and California, Loved it!

Quick shout out to GRANDPA STEVE AUGER Happy birthday you amazing man, I want you to know I love you and miss you, I hope the 12th was a good one, know you are in my prayers and I love you tons! 

another quick experience was that I had a sweet lesson with an investigator named Librada, who was progressing, then this week we passed by and she said she had her own religion and she was happy with it. i was so bummed... not to here that she has faith in Christ, but that she didnt want to hear from us anymore, so i was praying in my heart to have the spirit guide me to know how to save the situation, and then it hit me, testifiy of Joseph Smith. so I asked the Question after she got done telling us that her church was good enough for her and that she didnt need us coming by anymore, ¨Hermana, Si JesuCristo es uno, por que somos dividido en muchisimas iglesias? porque no hablamos la misma cosa and creemos en la misma evengalio?¨ and we began to explain how Christ established one church and men perverted that church, then just like He always does, God restored his church through a prophet, I asked her if she could tell me what she knew about Joseph Smith and she told me she had seen the restoration video and knew the whole story, I asked her if she believed it... and after about 15 seconds of silence, she told us, I Believe so! we testified that she could know for sure through reading the Book of Mormon and she said we could come back next week and that she would start reading again! really was such an amazing lesson, the spirit was so strong, i was literally like jumping for joy with Elder Ramos when we left her house!

this week was a more spiritual one, sorry its so long, just couldnt help but share!

I hope the crush family knows I love them, and Im cheering for you girls right now!

I pray that everyday you guys are safe and happy, know I love you from the Ground to the Sky and back again! until next week!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 26

so this week we started up with some service, tried putting plaster on a members wall, covering up the brick, was kinda a big fail. then we had an activity at the church which was awesome, but we had another little fail... we tried to get into the building, and we had two keys to upen the lock, but i tried to unlock it and broke the first key, elder ramos gave me a bunch of crap and said that i should let him do it, he used the next key and broke it too!!!!!! haha we sat there laughing at our stupidity :) then the bishop opened it up 15 mins later, the activity we had was for investigators and members, we shared a example of how fragile our lives are, including our testimony and faith, and that we have to strengthen our selves every day, and if we do our anchor (Christ) will strengthen us to overcome whatever thing! then after we played the pop the balloon game where you tie the balloon to the ankles and try to pop the others, it was a big success, had less actives, members and investigators, way cool!

then we had a good district meeting this week, which after we went to the supermarket to eat lunch, and guess what i ate!?!? tres leches cake, thats right dad, tres leches, and let me say it brought back some mean costa vida vibes!!! haha also downed a bag of doritos, ya not so healthy...

then today was an awesome P day! at first we had to go to the doctors because i have a wierd little rash thing around my mouth (elder ramos told me to stop kissing so many chicas;) haha but i think i am just dry around my lips, gonna use some lip balm the doc gave me. then after we ate lunch at TACO BELL!!!!!!!!! first time elder ramos has eaten there, and he is from mexico! haha he told me the tacos there are better, but i dont care, it made me feel so good to eat some taco bell, although it was kinda expensive..... vale la pena (twas worth it) then we swung by the office cuz we were in the capital and President Corbitt asked us to meet with him for a few minutes, he wanted to do a scripture study outta the blue, which was really cool, we spent about an hour and a half with the president discussing the plan of salvation as well as how to be a successful missionary, it came down to humililty, which is always something we can work on, super great day, fun and spiritual!

all is well, still getting to know the area and investigators, but im loving it, elder ramos is such a stud, makes the mission life super exciting, great guy, have tons in common. 

i know the church is true, christ lives, and we are known, both by him and our heavenly father, the work is great, couldnt be happier :)

love you guys tons, keep you updated soon!
 the activity we put on in the church this week

ward mission leaders motorcycle that we pretend to drive sometimes 
haha also found our MTC pic and we didnt know, but we were standing right next to eachother in the pic! and now we are companions! how dope!

 TACO BELL RUN BABY! makes me think of the good old days with all the homies, going at midnight, it was the first time elder ramos had eaten there! que apostacia!!!
 you know i ate the crumbs!

the service project selfies are real! 
sunrise in the morning, i dont get too sick of seeing the palm trees!