Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 26

so this week we started up with some service, tried putting plaster on a members wall, covering up the brick, was kinda a big fail. then we had an activity at the church which was awesome, but we had another little fail... we tried to get into the building, and we had two keys to upen the lock, but i tried to unlock it and broke the first key, elder ramos gave me a bunch of crap and said that i should let him do it, he used the next key and broke it too!!!!!! haha we sat there laughing at our stupidity :) then the bishop opened it up 15 mins later, the activity we had was for investigators and members, we shared a example of how fragile our lives are, including our testimony and faith, and that we have to strengthen our selves every day, and if we do our anchor (Christ) will strengthen us to overcome whatever thing! then after we played the pop the balloon game where you tie the balloon to the ankles and try to pop the others, it was a big success, had less actives, members and investigators, way cool!

then we had a good district meeting this week, which after we went to the supermarket to eat lunch, and guess what i ate!?!? tres leches cake, thats right dad, tres leches, and let me say it brought back some mean costa vida vibes!!! haha also downed a bag of doritos, ya not so healthy...

then today was an awesome P day! at first we had to go to the doctors because i have a wierd little rash thing around my mouth (elder ramos told me to stop kissing so many chicas;) haha but i think i am just dry around my lips, gonna use some lip balm the doc gave me. then after we ate lunch at TACO BELL!!!!!!!!! first time elder ramos has eaten there, and he is from mexico! haha he told me the tacos there are better, but i dont care, it made me feel so good to eat some taco bell, although it was kinda expensive..... vale la pena (twas worth it) then we swung by the office cuz we were in the capital and President Corbitt asked us to meet with him for a few minutes, he wanted to do a scripture study outta the blue, which was really cool, we spent about an hour and a half with the president discussing the plan of salvation as well as how to be a successful missionary, it came down to humililty, which is always something we can work on, super great day, fun and spiritual!

all is well, still getting to know the area and investigators, but im loving it, elder ramos is such a stud, makes the mission life super exciting, great guy, have tons in common. 

i know the church is true, christ lives, and we are known, both by him and our heavenly father, the work is great, couldnt be happier :)

love you guys tons, keep you updated soon!
 the activity we put on in the church this week

ward mission leaders motorcycle that we pretend to drive sometimes 
haha also found our MTC pic and we didnt know, but we were standing right next to eachother in the pic! and now we are companions! how dope!

 TACO BELL RUN BABY! makes me think of the good old days with all the homies, going at midnight, it was the first time elder ramos had eaten there! que apostacia!!!
 you know i ate the crumbs!

the service project selfies are real! 
sunrise in the morning, i dont get too sick of seeing the palm trees!

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