Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 25

well this week was awesome, 
even though i got moved from the best area in the mission, paraiso oriental, i came to the next best option. here is some info on my new life.

 im in a place called La Llave, or the key, and i am with elder ramos, who is from my missionary group, we both have 5 months in the mission which is super fun, he is a stud and our district leader, but he told me we were in this together cuz he has no idea what he is doing either haha! fun, he is from mexico, is almost 20, has a girlfriend, and has been here all his time in the mission, so we know the members really well and get fed a ton! from our house we can see the sea, thats right, the flippen ocean! how cool! from the roof we work out sometimes, and go to this gym close by that is super awesome. really am blessed! we live with to other elders a dominican and elder hallett from carlsbad california! we have talked about oceanside so much! he plays the piano like i do, by ear, and he can harmonize like crazy good! super fun! 

new years eve we ate with a member, they cooked us mexican and american food, tacos, nachos, burritos, hot dogs, hamburgers, DORITOS!!!! so cool man! then we came back to the apartment and broke open the glow sticks that you guys sent me and taped them to ourselves and dance on the roof to follow the prophet! dope! 

the ward is really cool, not super big, but really loving, in ourfirst leader reunion the bishoprick gave me a blessing of comfort, which they explained is soemthing they do when a new missionary comes to the area, loved that, super cool, testimony meeting all of the little kids bore thier testimony and made me think of my little siblings doing the same, NEVER BE AFRIAD TO BEAR YOUR TESTIMONY!!! :)

all is well, the work is good, we put a baptismal date yesterday with a girl named orillana, who is twelve, but seems like she could be 16 or 17, no joke, crazy, she should be baptized the 30th of this month! gotta love it :)

thats the new scoop for now i will send more info later, but i love you guys and want you to know i am safe, happy, and i know the church is true :)
 we went to the beach today for the first time, not to shabby, its more of a cliff,but really cool nevertheless! :)
 and here is the food the members prepared for us!
 also here is a pic of my first p day ballout! ;) we tore it up against some dominicans! haha

 the glow stick men we dressed up as! dope! :)

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