Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 93

this week was awesome, but got to be brief, the internet turned on late...


wilfer got baptized, he is the oldest of 5 and is 11 years old! his mom is a single mother and right now isnt super interested in the church, but he loves going and finally was able to be baptized!


Angelo is going to be baptized this coming saturday, he went to the baptism and got to see what its like, he is excited! we have a FHE with him tonight!


brayan is awesome, he is probably one of the toughest looking guys i have ever taught, he had earings and a lip ring, but this week we taught him the law of chastidy and about how our bodies are temples, and invited him to not use those piercings anymore. the day we heard from his neighbor, that he had taken them out! he went to church without them in! he really is trying to follow Jesus Christ! 


then lastly the family mendez is awesome, natali is the less active that we contacted, her husband and kids went this week. in a lesson we had with them, some of their friends were there and we were teaching the restoration, and her friend liset asked how she could know which of all the churches is true? and before we could respond, natali stood up and bore her testimony, she said she had the same question and so she prayed. shortly after, elder diego and I knocked on her door! she said that she knew that God hears us and she invited liset to pray! it was awesome! her family should be baptized next month, she will have to get married, but they are progressing super nicely!


then today was a good p day, we played soccer in the rain, and then wrestled a little in the mud puddles! super great time!


thats all for now, im loving the work, but lovin how close i am to seeing you all soon!


CTR and dont be afraid to open your mouth and share the gospel!



the baptism of wilfer

and a pic with angelo! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 92

well, the highlight of the week was the ward party for the semana santa (what they celebrate instead of easter) its fun to participate in some of the traditions, like sweet beans, the suspition that you cant eat meat on friday, and other traditions, more catholic based. 


friday we had the ward party and had 6 investigators come, including david, and angelo, angelo has a baptismal date for the end of the month! for the party we played some sports, had church videos and movies in the chapel, and tons of great food! the highlight had to be the gringo missionary activity, an easter egg hunt! hahaha thanks mom for all the sweets, i had to share them with all the little kids in the two wards that go to our building. they had a pool as well, but they loved the easter egg hunt! so thanks for that!


transfers have been good, Elder ferrufino is awesome, loves to work, cook, and go by the book! a class missionary! we made valiadas, the same thing we made for christmas when we lived together a few months ago! the work is going well!


we talked in church yesterday, elder ferrufino talked about the ressurection of Jesus Christ, and i talked about the missionary work. all the members said we gave some stellar talks, so thats always good to hear! we also did a special musical number! i know that my reedemer lives! a quartet composed of me and 3 other members, the keyboard in the chapel can record so i recorded the song and then was able to sing! fun stuff!


today we `played soccer in the parque del este, it was a blast, but now i am super burnt! hahaha worth it though!


all is going well, staying focused, and working hard for these last 8 weeks! crazy! hahaha


love you all, and i hope you have a great week! happy late easter! :)



tennis stadium in our area, we played right outside it for p day 2 weeks ago! :)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 91

cant believe i am coming down to 9 weeks left, really crazy to think! i am trying my best to stay focused and work as hard as possible, and we have been doing a good job at that.


Elder Diego left, and now my new comp will be elder ferrufino, whom i lived with for 2 transfers! he is was cool, from honduras, i think he is going to be my last companion! 


this week was just another hard working week, we had the leadership conference though,elder diego gave his last testimony, and we talked about some interesting subjects, such as "how to stay active after finishing the mission" we made some personal goals and i am excited, one of mine was get married fast ;) kinda joking..... but kinda not...... we will see what the Lord has in mind ;)


we contacted a family that is really awesome, the mom`s name is natali, and she has been less active for the past 15 years, she has her husband, justino, and 3 kids, the oldest is 14 her name is janfreisi, and we shared a little with them, and we couldn´t tell if they were super interested, but we invited them to church and kinda left it at that, well saturday night, we happened to see them, and she said she was going to try to go, so we were excited and waiting for her sunday morning, but she didn´t show. kinda bummed... then in sunday school, a lady from the other ward in our building pulled us out of the class and said there was a family looking for us, turns out it was natali and her entire family! they had gone to the wrong ward sacrament meeting! but they came! a tender mercy from the Lord!


Angel and Daniel are progressing nicely, marlennys and luckson are awesome, they are inviting friends to church. Luckson recieved the arronic priesthood and is now a preist! i love seeing the work advance, especially after someone gets baptized!


all is well, super hot over here though... it should be a good week, maybe even a baptism this coming weekend!


love you all, thanks for the prayers and support! have a great week! CTR



missionaries that are going home:

The dominican, Elder De La Rosa, he is a stud, gonna miss this guy! i took his place in the office and he left some big shoes to fill! love that guy!

elder douglas from colorado, we might have to visit when we go visit family,

and elder diego, the man i killed in the mission, ;) the one and only, he didnt finish dead though, he worked until the end, i plan to do the same!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 90

well, conference was awesome, had a few investigators go, and marlennys and luckson both went, they are awesome, really learning and loving the gospel, their conversion is continuing nicely! 


i loved the talk from Joaquin acosta? the guy from from argentina that was baptized and married his wife, and how he invited others to come unto Christ! that would be a great talk to share with someone who you wish to have the gospel!


the work is still going nicely, preparing more people for this and the next coming month, this month our mission has a goal that every companionship baptizes! we are about 90 companionships, so it should be a challenge, but i think we can do it!


not a whole lot more to say about this week sadly, just lots of contacting, teaching and inviting others to come unto Christ! Which is one of my favorite things to do! we have 9 investigators that have baptismal dates, the hernandez family, which is 5, jose miguel, a teenage boy, altagracia, a senior lady that has always had interest in the church, daniel, a single man who works in the faro a colon, and geral, a friend of lucksons who is from haiti also, they are all super great, we are helping them develop desires to read the book of mormon, and go to church. they are all great people, and the gospel is going to bless their lives! it makes me happen to see them progress!


today we played tennis again, super fun, then went to taco bell in the nearby mall! great times!


thats it for this week, love you all tons!



this week we also had a little activity in the zone meeting, an ugly tie and skirt contest for the missionaries, i ended up winning 2nd place, using an ugly tie AND skirt ;) hahaha i won an ugly hat, bug spray, a pencil and tooth paste, funny activity! ;)


this is luckson, our ward mission leader, and his wife, all from haiti and all super awesome members! they enjoyed listening to conference, we relate a little because it is not our native language, but we were blessed with the gift of interpretation of toungues as we listened to it. this may be the last conference i ever listen to in spanish!!!