Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 93

this week was awesome, but got to be brief, the internet turned on late...


wilfer got baptized, he is the oldest of 5 and is 11 years old! his mom is a single mother and right now isnt super interested in the church, but he loves going and finally was able to be baptized!


Angelo is going to be baptized this coming saturday, he went to the baptism and got to see what its like, he is excited! we have a FHE with him tonight!


brayan is awesome, he is probably one of the toughest looking guys i have ever taught, he had earings and a lip ring, but this week we taught him the law of chastidy and about how our bodies are temples, and invited him to not use those piercings anymore. the day we heard from his neighbor, that he had taken them out! he went to church without them in! he really is trying to follow Jesus Christ! 


then lastly the family mendez is awesome, natali is the less active that we contacted, her husband and kids went this week. in a lesson we had with them, some of their friends were there and we were teaching the restoration, and her friend liset asked how she could know which of all the churches is true? and before we could respond, natali stood up and bore her testimony, she said she had the same question and so she prayed. shortly after, elder diego and I knocked on her door! she said that she knew that God hears us and she invited liset to pray! it was awesome! her family should be baptized next month, she will have to get married, but they are progressing super nicely!


then today was a good p day, we played soccer in the rain, and then wrestled a little in the mud puddles! super great time!


thats all for now, im loving the work, but lovin how close i am to seeing you all soon!


CTR and dont be afraid to open your mouth and share the gospel!



the baptism of wilfer

and a pic with angelo! 

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