Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 92

well, the highlight of the week was the ward party for the semana santa (what they celebrate instead of easter) its fun to participate in some of the traditions, like sweet beans, the suspition that you cant eat meat on friday, and other traditions, more catholic based. 


friday we had the ward party and had 6 investigators come, including david, and angelo, angelo has a baptismal date for the end of the month! for the party we played some sports, had church videos and movies in the chapel, and tons of great food! the highlight had to be the gringo missionary activity, an easter egg hunt! hahaha thanks mom for all the sweets, i had to share them with all the little kids in the two wards that go to our building. they had a pool as well, but they loved the easter egg hunt! so thanks for that!


transfers have been good, Elder ferrufino is awesome, loves to work, cook, and go by the book! a class missionary! we made valiadas, the same thing we made for christmas when we lived together a few months ago! the work is going well!


we talked in church yesterday, elder ferrufino talked about the ressurection of Jesus Christ, and i talked about the missionary work. all the members said we gave some stellar talks, so thats always good to hear! we also did a special musical number! i know that my reedemer lives! a quartet composed of me and 3 other members, the keyboard in the chapel can record so i recorded the song and then was able to sing! fun stuff!


today we `played soccer in the parque del este, it was a blast, but now i am super burnt! hahaha worth it though!


all is going well, staying focused, and working hard for these last 8 weeks! crazy! hahaha


love you all, and i hope you have a great week! happy late easter! :)



tennis stadium in our area, we played right outside it for p day 2 weeks ago! :)

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