Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 11

Here's a pict we had forwarded to us from a member in the DR. He served his mission with Alic Taylor, who is the son of our good friends in Farr West, UT.

From Elder Auger:
well im glad to hear that everyone is doing good, jaden looked so beautiful for hoimecoming, glad to hear that was awesome ;) haha mom and dad thanks for your letters, loved them this week, im gonna be quick because i dont have much time today.

we had interviews with president corbitt this week and im pretty sure he is the most inspired man ive ever met, he is a stud.

I heard karma kameleon on the radio during one of our lessons and that made me miss hiome a bit, that was always one of my faves! haha

we had splits with the ZLs which was awesome, it was like a spiritual sleepover, i went with elder anderson, he is a stud, it was kinda nice to speak english again, but i did notice that my accent faded the next day when i reunited with elder areas, its a blessing to have a latino companion.

cool story, during a lesson with elder anderson i was talking about the gift of the holy ghost and i said that we had to recieve it by the laying on of hands, and then the lady asked me, oh really, where does it say that in the bible? good question, i started panicking, but i knew in the back of my mind that i had read that somewhere in personal study, i started just praying and flipping through my bible, and after about 15 seconds of awkward silence i found it.i believe its in acts chapter 8, but i dont remember at the moment, however i found the scripture that says it, and she was just impressed and then we invited her to be baptized and recieve the holy ghost and she agreed, im not sure what the date is, she isnt in my zone, but i will never forget that lesson man, cool stuff, personal revelation is real!

but the language is coming along, im learning more everyday, line upon line, precept upon precept her a little and there a little, loving it, but it is hard, i have a head almost every day!

next week is conference and i might have to listen to it completely in spanish which makes me scared, i want to understand it fully andc idk if i can do that yet... we will see...

all is well here in the DR my passport is fine, im fine, safe and feeling good, missing you guys, but making it through, i find joy in something every day, even though its super hot, i cant understand hardly anything still, im tired all the time, 6:30 is hard... but with the help of the LORD im doing it.

i love you all, i will send pics next week, not much to see this week, love you all!


Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 10

So it has been raining a lot here in the DR like it has been in utah apparently, we were in a lesson and the rains came down and the floods came up, it was crazy, the gully we were teaching in filled up like 3 feet, we couldnt leave the investigators house for like an hour and a half, that was fun... haha
Because of this al lot of people have been getting sick, me included, finnaly had my first DR experience being sick, it wasnt fun, i was sick for 3 days, but i am better now. however its cool that people are sick, cuz the missionaries have lots of opportunites to give blessings, which we have been doing, so thats a blessing in itself. thanks mom for the ibuprofen, i carry all the time now.

so about the visa update thing, i dont know why they called you, i told them all your info, i knew your birthdates, i dont know what the problem was, sorry for the scare, but we had to go to the capital this wednesday to fix our visas, which was a pain, we had to get up at like 4:30, it reminded me of jr high basketball days, not fun. anyways we all met at the office building, saw elder beard, all my mtc buddies, we signed some papers, then went to this awesome sketchy doctors office, im talking like frankenstien labratory type crap, crayz, we had to get blood dran, pee in a cup, and take an x ray. that was fun, i also bought a new bag and scriptures with my card, because my first one... well its done... after 4 weeks.

we got hair cuts from this investigator that we have named jesus, he has been having doubts about joseph smith, so we said we would watch the joseph smith restauration video with him, and i think thats what he needed. anyways it was probably the strongest i have felt the spirit on the mission, his girlfriend and i were just sitting there bawling and elder areas and him probably thought we were crazy, but the spirit was still there ;) i bore my testimony after and between the tears and my broken spanish, i just hope he got the message.

so one funny story to wrap things up, we are working with this one lady and the law of chistidy, we were teaching her this awesome lesson, and then all of the sudden out side in the street someone starts playing girls just wanna have fun, and i was dying laughing, they didnt understand what was so funny, but come on, like the irony doesnt get any better!!! hahaha, anyways good lessons this week, just been tough being sick. 

Checking out, 


the spanish is coming along better now ;)

my first bag, already done, crazy!

cooking more ramen for dinner, reminds me of the fancy dinners we had together ;) love you!!!

and nothing like a good old scripture study with pringles from the USA! ;) love you guys!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 9

Well, i couldnt write yesterday because the power was out, that happens a lot, so if i ever dont write thats probably the reason!

First off, THANKS FOR THE GREENIE CARE PACKAGE! that was seriously so awesome!
I really felt the love from home this week, i dont know why it took so long to get.

this week was a good one, we had a mission tour which means that a few zones meet at the mission home chapel and have a big day of devotionals, i learned a lot and strengthened my testimony, president corbitt is an awesome man, he really has the spirit with him.

we have been teaching so much with the members, one man named acevedo loves to come with us, tuesday was his birthday and he chose to come teaching with us for 6 hours. we walked all day. 6 lessons. and this guy is 85 years old! amazing man. his wife isnt a member but we are working on that right now ;)

We were fed a lot this week, we eat lunch everyday with the same member, but one day we went and visited a less active who wanted to feed us so badly, and we were going to lunch right after that, but we didnt want to hurt any feelings, so we ate at the less actives house, i was so full, then we had to go eat lunch again, because the member cooked us a nice meal as well, elder areas and i were going to explode!!! haha

we had noche hogar, or FHE last night with the famimlia castro, they are like the elders family out here, the mom is the member that cooks us lunch everyday, and the day is a stud, really strong convert, they have two daughters i consider my sisters. so awesome. any ways we had a really good FHE with them, we sang familias pueden ser eternas, had to hold back the tears again, had a really good lesson by Yu Yu, the youngest daughter, and then had arroz con leche for dessert, which is basically rice pudding!!! i thought of home so much, it was awesome though!

the language is coming slowly, i can understand elder areas most of the time, i still carry my best friend, the dictionary, with me at all times! haha but its just like saturdays warrior right? line upon line and precept upon precept.

Thanks for all your guys support and prayers, i have felt it especially this week. i pray for you guys as well, not a day goes by that i dont think of you guys. i have felt the spirit  more than ever these past 2 months of my life, and although its hard, my relationship with jesus christ is growing stronger and stronger every day! i know this church is true.

Until next week,


this is momma castro, who cooks for useveryday, rice pudding ;)