Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 8

Ay muchacho!

things are crazy here, big week!

so i had been really home sick and missing just being able to talk to people, cuz i can barely do that in english, and i prayed to feel some comfort and love from the lord, and he gave it to me, we got to go to the temple this wednesday and do a session in spanish! that was pretty interesting, but awesome all the same :) i got to see all my homies from the mtc including elder beard, which just brought me some much peace and joy, it was like seeing family, i cried when i saw him, literally bawled tears of joy! it was a major blessing.

but things are still pretty rough, the language, you are right mom, is the most frustrating thing, because i am a social person and want to get to know these people and help them, but i cant understand hardly anytthing, but i am talking more. every thursday the branch here (Pariaso Oriental) has a movie in the church building, but this week they didnt have a projector so the president asked us as the missionaries to share a devotional right out of the blue, elder areas looked at me and said to take it. so i remembered reading in ephesions 6 about the armor of god and gave a sweet devotional about the armor of god and how we obtain it, idk how i did it, must be the gift of tounges ;) speaking of which, how did you learn vietnamese dad?

Life is really different here, the power goes out every day, so when it does and we cant use our fans to sleep at night, its like h e double hockey sticks, in missisionary terms haha but seriously, different. i had my first encounter with a lady breastfeeding in the middle of a lesson. that was... different, she is a 17 year old girl with two kids, we are really working with her right now. 

we had the 4 baptisms this week, i feel like i am taking all the credit of elder negro, elder areas old campanion, cuz i just came in and preped them for the interview, but its still cool, i got to be a witness at the baptism, that was sweet, we had to drive to another building for it though, we piled everyone into 3 cars, in my car, we had 13 people in a 5 seater, it was awesome! haha

glad to hear everyone is doing good at home, tough loss northridge, just remember that its only preseason! 

think about you guys everyday, which is bitter sweet, but one thing that i read that i loved was in 2nd corinthians chapter 4 verses 17 and 18 which talke about afflictions, and how they are things that we can see right now in front of us, but in the eternal perspective, the glory is great and we dont have to fear, go read it to understand it better, but its a good message that gave me some comfort this week.

I love you all so much, be safe, and Know that i pray for you all everyday :)

Signing out


the one with the pink bowe is with a member of the branch who comes with us to a lot of lessons, denis is his name and he is a stud!

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