Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 7

Wow crazy week,

first we left the mtc with lots of goodbyes, kinda felt like leavving home again, but all is well, things are great, and hard. but great.

<The hard:
I have to learn dominican spanish. there is spanish, and then there is whatever language they speak here in the DR haha. my companion is from nicaragua and he doesnt speak English, so i never get to speak english anymore, fun. the people call me gringo, i feel stupid a lot, but its all good. things are not very clean, the garbage can is the street. the dogs are crazy, there are tons of them.

>The Great:
I have a companion who doesnt speak a lick of english, so i am learning really fast. the people here are so kind and acceptive, the god fearing part is very real, everyone wants to talk about christ which is awesome, they just dont always want to act... we have 4 baptisms next week, the >APs came this week and interviewed the kids. darwis darlin and dayerin are all siblings, darwis is my homie, he is 11 and knows everything about the gospel, stud. he sat by me this sunday and gave me a braclet to remember him by when i hvae to leave. love him.

we have a branch here in my area of paraiso oriental, or oriental paradise. its about 100 members and they are steller, the youth especially, more than not one of the priest is coming with us to the lessons and what not, thats totally awesome. i had to give the closing prayer for sacrament which stunk because we sang familias pueden ser eternas which made me think of home and my own family and friends... i bawled. then i had to get up and pray, now all the people here think i am a crazy bawl baby gringo from utah. awesome.

but really though, its awesome here, i have a great companion, he is a stud, teaches and works hard. a little too hard, we didnt get to bed until like 12:00 A couple nights this week. im always tired. my biggest goal right now is to learn to understand, i can speak alright, just cant understnad.

the hurricane.... or "the hurricane" so the day of the storm we get a text saying red alert, get to high ground, then the zone leaders texted us and said to stay home all day. so we stayed home and studied. not gonna lie, that was the worst day cuz all i did was feel tired and think of home. i miss you guys a lot, but all is well, i promise. i just love you guys a ton :) 

we have a big appartment here, all is well, im safe, dont feel in danger at all, just a little insecure and our of place, but by the end of this transfer i should have a good grip on things ;)

shout out to jaden for getting asked to homecoming, tell alex i am watching him ;) shout out to p num for starting junior high! shout out to d bone my best brother ive ever had, the kid darwis reminds me so much of you, give dad and mom a hug and kiss for me. SHOUT OUT TO JESSI for going to finlind!!! that is flipping crazy awesome, or in spanish "freaking chevre" haha mom and dad i love you guys so much, thanks for being the best parents a boy could ask for, i miss you tons and think about you everyday. we got to shop today and in the store was that song from bandslam, the one at the end, you need to go watch that one more time for me dad ;) 

i also gave my first blessing to this kid who is going to get baptized this week, darlin, i annointed him (in spanish) which was so sweet, then elder areas blessed him. we saw him later, he was running around feeling better than ever :) priesthood power is real. the church is true. christ is our savior, and i know it, i know that he knows I know it, and NO ONE can deny it :) ELDER AUGER OUT
love you all tons

love you all so much,

this is my mission president, he is a little guy, really smart and i dont know him really well, but he seems like an awesome guy. 

this is my companion elder areas he is a stud 

this is my area and some food the members prepared for us, pig intestines, i know because elder areas told me it makes you sick and we looked it up in the dictionary, so we tried it then ended up just making ramen haha


no one here can pronounce my name, might as well go by elder verde ;) haha until next week friends!
this is my cabinet and my favorite member of the ward, robert is his name, his wife cooks us lunch every day and we pay them 1000 pesos every2week, its pretty awesome. thats only like 25 bucks

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