Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 3

Letter from Elder Auger:

so this week has been fun, I only have a short time today, but you
guys sounded like you had a good time this week for south weber days,
really miss it, but I hope everything works out! This week we went to
the university and got to practice contacting for like 2 hours, it was
awesome, hard to understand the people still though. This sunday we
got to to sing in the choir for our sacrament meeting, elder beard
didnt really love the hermana directing it, so he just messed around
the whole time and really cracked us up :) haha i also got to pass the
sacrament with elder allen which was cool. we play basketball almost
every day, love it. elder beecher is a beast, 6 foot 6 cuerpo, insided
joke, but his volleyball team was in a arizona news article, looke it
up its called the beehive, pretty cool. I beat the fooseball champ
this week one on one 9-10, all those days of playing with dad in the
young mens in colorado are paying off! haha The food is great still,
we watched the saratov approach today cuz the temple is closed for two
weeks, but that was way fun and cool, its different to watch when your
out on the mission, yes i did cry. Thats crazy that dad bought more
speakers, he must be under a lot of stress, he always goes and buys
crazy amounts of stuff when he is having a crisis, such as G2s and
picture frams ;) jaden and paityn thats awesome about soccer, way to
go, d bone, you need to sleep in more homie!!! haha MOM thanks for
sharing that with me, i think about you all the time, especially when
we watched the saratov approach, dont watch it if you dont want to
cry. sorry that i dont have a lot of time today, i got a ton of
emails, so im gonna try to write a few more people, i love you guys so
much, im doing great, we are spoiled here in the DR dont worry about
me one bit! :) keep on keepin on, LOVE ELDER AUGER

 Peanut Butter - Nutella - Oreo Sandwich

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