Friday, August 14, 2015

Week 4

Crazy how time has flown! so here is what happened this week! 
I benched elder beard becaus of lack of workout equipment here
elder beard and i played practice investigators and his role was my grandpa and he did my dads grandpa "When i was a boy"voice to a T and made me laugh so hard
this elder popped the biggest zit i have ever seen in my life!!!
We had a cool experience and got to go to the University again, tracting is harder than i thought it would be especially when you dont speak spanish ;) haha we werent having much success sharing our messagge, so elder beard and i parayed and asked god to help us find someone that needed to hear and we did. we found this lady who was a golden investigator, we taught here about j smith and the restauration, then this lady that was a member came walking by and bore her testimony, we dont get to teach the people we find ever again but im sure she will be getting baptized ;) haha me and elder beard went away singin "My god's not dead he is surely alive" it was awesome!
i played the piano for all the elders and sisters in our districts and took requests, figured out what key their song was in and played it (as long as it was mission appropriate ;) haha i had a vision that night that dad and i would be doing something like that on a cruise ship in about 10 years or so ;)
elder beecher ripped my pocket on accident, so i got to sew it back up, it was sweet!
i studied a lot about alma and the sons of mosiah and ammon and what great missionaries they were, In chapter 26 verse 15 it talks about being a missionary and i really applied that to me, its a good read.
elder beard found a coconut and painted shrek on it, hilarious
the old elders left and we got some greenies, it is kinda nice not being the youngest now :)
i heard a great quote about "letting desperations be the reason for your success"there is some comfort in that, all good stuff.
we went to the store again, i baught balloons and oreos for a b day party we hare throwing for elder affleck tomorrow.
i need stamps. i think there are called forever stamps, i want to write home, but i cant without those, so if you could send some it would be awesome :) 
we played football and fooseball basketball and volleyball, its always a blast here in the DR, only got a couple weeks left and then its real! haha
i printed out a bunch of emails and will reply the answers next week, that might be the new system for sake of time!

I love you all so much, thanks for making me feel loved!


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