Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 46

so this week has been a great one, but went by so fast, i seriously dont even remember to much of what went down, but i do have some good key highlights!

so we have been finding tons of new people to teach, which is like the biggest blessing for a missionary, we have 6 people that have a baptismal date for the month of June, now we just have to make sure that their testimony continues growing and that they keep the desire!
Also, we have been teaching a family, who is completely awesome! named the family Contreras, a dad, whose dad is a member already, his wife, and thier two daughters, they have come to church about five times, and have seen a baptismal service before, super prepared, however, they just have a little trial right now, but the Lord is still moving forward working miracles! just keep the family contreras in your prayers if at all possible, the faith of many is stronger than the faith of few ;) 

other little things of the week, we did an intercambio with the ZL trainers, elder Martinez and elder Aplanalp, elder martinez goes home this transfer, his comp the next, and my comp the one after that, im living among trunky temptation, did i mention that my comp also got his flight plan already??? ya, its kinda rough being a 10 month missionary, but im learning and loving it all the same, and time is still flying! haha

p day was fun today, we went and played some basketball with some other elders in the zone, super good time, i always love p day balling, i forgot to take a pic though, sorry about that one...

infact i dont have any new pics for this week, but i do have a story that will make your day! so we had to go to maquiteria to do a baptismal interview for the DLs in our zone, we get to the house and this crazy old lady is standing outside screaming and cursing up a storm threatening to take this girl down with a machete, crazy stuff! anyways, the nieghbor happens to be the 2nd counselor in the ward, and he comes out and finally convinces her to leave (he told us she was crazy) so we commenced with the baptismal interview outside the same house, (she was the grandma of the boy being baptized) and all was going well, then half way through crazy grandma starts on her way back, we see her coming down the street and freak out, she was gonna ruin the interview and break the spirit! then came the 2nd counselor to save the day, he met her in the street, and asked her to walk with him, i could just overhear their conversation, he was basically flirting with her to keep her from going to the house! hahaha he was our hero, so after the interview, we baught him a pepsi in the nearest colmado and all was well :) made us laugh so hard!

love you guys, sorry i didnt take any pics this week, next week for sure ;)
until next week!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 45

time is flying by, really cant believe we are in the last week of may, we are seeing lots of miracles in the zone and especially in our area, we found lots of new people this week, super prepared, also are seeing progress with a couple families as well, we had a total of about 11 less actives in church this week, many of which should be considered reactivated by next week. we are feeling super blessed right now!

this week we had the mission tour with president martinez from the 70, super cool meeting, we learned about the faith and I really liked what he shared about the mission manual, or the white bible... that it is a tool to help missionaries gain more faith. really is, the more obedient we strive to be the more faith we are showing, and the more the Lord can bless us, really motivated me to better myself even in the little things...

also we had an intercambio this week, i went to ozama, the area, which is right next to the Ozama River, super cool area, tons of people, we just had to help the missionaries work with the members a little  more effectively, but all went well :) ill send a pic of the river, its actually the dirtiest river ever, but looks cool from where i am ;)

today we played some basketball and hit up the gym as well, really didnt have much to do, so we went and played some ball with some dominicans, found out that some 12 year olds can ball, i mean BALL, they drained 3 pointers from like jimmer range, crossed over like stephan curry, and ive never seen such amazing defense at thier age level, super fun!

also got the package from mom this week, she loves me. ;) and i love her!!! really do feel spoiled right now, things cant really get much better for a missionary, i really apreciate all the love and support, the prayers and faith, I bear testimony that the Lord loves us, and even when the dark days do come, we can always remember that tommorow is coming and that we have the chance to start over again, thats the beauty of the plan of salvation. CHRIST LIVES and because he lives, WE CAN HAVE HOPE for a better world.  Until next week, 


 when you get bored waiting for the bus to leave and decide to try and take cute selfies with your comp...

 also the sweet view from the roof of the elders house in Ozama in the intercambio we did with them, good stuff! :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 44

so ya, we hit 10 months baby, feeling older in the mission, well, i was, then my comp, elder zamora got a call from the assistants asking when he wanted to go home and to what airport. i was wrong, still young, sorry mom and dad ;)

this week was great though, we had 2 baptisms in San Vicente, we had 3 planned, but one fell through, we are working there, but Indhira, and Rachel were able to be baptized this sunday, and it was great, we also had about 6 investigators there watching, super great experience, the miracles are real and the Lord is blessing us immensly. Super happy to be in the mission during such a time of blessing.

another wierd little miracle is a little experience I had. we visited this guy who spoke english. turns out he is this crazy guy. he told us all this really wierd, and somewhat dark ideas about what he thought god was. he ended up making a lot of really wierd questions that i couldnt really answer, nor my comp, mainly because they were questions that we dont need to know the answer to, but its still bugged me. we went home and studied it that night, then my comp saved the day, i was really getting confused and had tons of questions, then my comp resolved everything with one scripture: 2 Timothy 2:23, i dont know how it is in english, only got it in spanish, but its a great one to ease doubts to tough questions :) then we were sharing with a less active the next day, who shared that he had so many questions and doubts which we were able to ease with the same topic we had just experienced and studied, wierd, and a little scary, but a miracle either way.

the other big news is that the DR had their elections this week, so sunday we had to go home early, elder zamora and I spent the time in the house, playing mini table tennis, many games of chess (which we both really enjoy!), listening to church talks, and talking about home, super good time, we just got a little trunky though ;) haha all is well though! 

anyways, i love you all tons, and know that i appreciate all your prayers, thoughts and love, i keep you in the same prayers every day :) until next week!


 so here we have Rachel and Indhira who got baptized this sunday, super awesome service, we had about 6 investigators in church to see it as well, we are finding new people to teach, lots of related family members, also working with less actives, finding new investigators there as well, really learning to work effectively, seeing lots of miracles in the process :) 

 then also the mini ping pong table we set up in our house when we got stuck in the house during the crazy time of elections... anyways super good week, love you all! be safe and CTR!