Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 42

So its the end of the month of april, crazy, time is flying by.

glad to hear about the awesome week you guys had, super busy its sounds like, keep up the good work, and good luck to p num as president! dope! id love to hear more about the womens conference as well, sounds sweet!

this week went well, first off, a funny story, so we were on the bus ride home and this lady gets on the bus and just starts preaching away (which happens a lot here) she was saying some nice things, but lacked a little bit of gospel truth, so i was sitting behind her and decided to help out! i introduced myself and she said it was nice to meet me, but then kept on preaching and as she went on i began whispering things in her ear, she would say "the salvation comes from the word of god!" and i would add (and by faith in Jesus Christ) and she would say what i had just whispered, then went on and said "the bible is the key to eternal life" and i would say (also baptism and the gift of the holy ghost) and she would preach it loud and proud! haha we basically shared lesson 3 (the gospel of JC) through this pentacostal lady, super awesome and funny at the same time, we left her a pamphlet, hope she reads it ;) haha

we finished the month off well, seeing tons of miracles, in our zone, 10 out of the 12 companionships baptized, we have plans do even better this month. Elder Zamora and I are getting along super well, we spent all week helping out other areas find and invite people to baptism, its cool to see our zone working as a team. 

we found tons of new people prepared to hear the gospel this week, including families that have lost members to cancer and other accidents, people looking for the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST, and others in need of the gospel, really loving the work and seeing the progress here in our area. 

today we had our zone activity, Elder Zamora and I set up an obstacle course in the cultural hall of the stake center, which was really fun, we all did it, even the sisters, i was proud of them ;) then all the missionaries brought a food to share from thier own country, it was awesome, coolest things ever really, we ate tons of food, i brought PB and J, really original i know, but no one left hungry, and the Latinos really liked it, no one really its that outside the US, i didnt know that...

anyways, all is well, love and miss you all tons, cant wait to talk mothers day this sunday :D super awesome!!!!

the church is true, christ lives, miracles still happen! MORONI 7:26-29

until next week!


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