Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 43

This mothers day was awesome, so nice to hear from the family, miss you guys tons, made me a little trunky, but know its back to work, and all is good, i loved the advice and everything you guys do for me, literally have the best family ever!

this week has been a good one, preparing for transfers, we got zone shirts this transfer, they look pretty dope, like a baseball jersey, everyone was pretty happy with them. but its been wierd to see people having thier last district meeting, last sunday, last nightly report in the mission, time seems to fly, when i got here, these guys had just a little over a year and now they are heading home, crazy, just gotta live it up and enjoy the work, 2 years are short, im learning to make the most of it while i can!

we are planning on having 3 baptisms this coming week, if all goes as planned, Reichel, Endira, and Marion are 3 teenage girls who have been going to seminary and church for a long time, just have lacked the courage to take the final step of baptism, some are partial member family investigators, one has a brother who is a return missionary, and others have parents who are less actives, and we are seeing miracles in each of thier families by the faith these young women have, super excited for that! 

also, i will be staying here with elder Zamora for another transfer which is awesome, the kid is a beast, only has 2 and a half transfers left...... but he still works as hard as a new greenie in the field, love that kid!

all is well, the mission is teaching me so much, im excited to be able to see more of the miracles and blessings the mission brings into your life.

oh and this week i got hit by a flying plantain. really hurt...

until next week! love you guys!


 a pic with the dead elder estrada who is going home,

 wearing my favorite tie from my sister Jaden :)
the zone t shirt, and more of those missionaries who are heading home...

Last thing i forgot to mention, the RAIN its been pouring lately, and this day we had to run to take a bus to do a baptismal interview, and we got soaked! all the more fun though! haha

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