Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 45

time is flying by, really cant believe we are in the last week of may, we are seeing lots of miracles in the zone and especially in our area, we found lots of new people this week, super prepared, also are seeing progress with a couple families as well, we had a total of about 11 less actives in church this week, many of which should be considered reactivated by next week. we are feeling super blessed right now!

this week we had the mission tour with president martinez from the 70, super cool meeting, we learned about the faith and I really liked what he shared about the mission manual, or the white bible... that it is a tool to help missionaries gain more faith. really is, the more obedient we strive to be the more faith we are showing, and the more the Lord can bless us, really motivated me to better myself even in the little things...

also we had an intercambio this week, i went to ozama, the area, which is right next to the Ozama River, super cool area, tons of people, we just had to help the missionaries work with the members a little  more effectively, but all went well :) ill send a pic of the river, its actually the dirtiest river ever, but looks cool from where i am ;)

today we played some basketball and hit up the gym as well, really didnt have much to do, so we went and played some ball with some dominicans, found out that some 12 year olds can ball, i mean BALL, they drained 3 pointers from like jimmer range, crossed over like stephan curry, and ive never seen such amazing defense at thier age level, super fun!

also got the package from mom this week, she loves me. ;) and i love her!!! really do feel spoiled right now, things cant really get much better for a missionary, i really apreciate all the love and support, the prayers and faith, I bear testimony that the Lord loves us, and even when the dark days do come, we can always remember that tommorow is coming and that we have the chance to start over again, thats the beauty of the plan of salvation. CHRIST LIVES and because he lives, WE CAN HAVE HOPE for a better world.  Until next week, 


 when you get bored waiting for the bus to leave and decide to try and take cute selfies with your comp...

 also the sweet view from the roof of the elders house in Ozama in the intercambio we did with them, good stuff! :)

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