Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 59

this was a great week, sorry i dont have tons of time, but i will give the best deets!

we had a baptism, priscilla got baptized, she has been waiting for that for almost 5 years, super cool to see her family all there as well. we are praying that they too will continue progressing.

we had a lot of cool contacts this week, although some rejected us, one lady came to the door when her daughter told her we were here, she had her phone in her hand and said she was talking and couldnt recieve us, and we said ok and started to walk away when her phone rang... nice excuse lady!!!

im feeling tons better, now that i have passed the 3 kidney stones that i had, it burned, but it wasnt as bad as i thought, special shout out to john, steph, and malcolm for the pet kidney that you sent me, i named him Ronny, Ronny el Riñon (look up the translation;) haha

Alexis, Geisi and Larimar came back to church, theyve been having more problems, but Geisi is super close to baptism. we passed by thier house and Larimar did my hair in her moms salon! hahaha

i found out that one of our investigators plays basketball in the mornings at 6:00 so i said i would swing by, turns out there were some good references there, and we only played half court (obedience aún:) 

then today we went to the zoo, elder cuellar wanted to see it, and we had to change our p day to go, for that reason im writing today! super fun!

great week, love to hear from all of you, hope all is well! 

until next week!


 baptism of priscilla

 Ronny el riñon ;)
 Larimar doing my hair,

 an intercambio with Elder Bautista, my Dominican Pana! haha we maid Yuca, Platano, guineo, con Salami, cebolla, y vegetales, delicioso!
 the zoo, super cool, not as many animals as the US zoos, but you felt like you were in the wild!!!

 they took us on like a little safari thing, pretty dope, Lions, tigers, and Hippos, oh my!
 i thought of you mom when i saw the Hippos

 i know they always were your favorite! hahaha
 , I had to say goodbye to two of my best two pals, Elder Graff, and Elder Zamora, Love you studs!

 hope we get to chill when I get back, and I Hope you make it to south weber to Jam in the Bandroom! ;)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 58

so on on p day we went to visit jaxon harrop in the MTC, and also ran into his comp, who is from the ward of Jeff and Jen Dorious, super cool, small world! also got to see my MTC teacher, hna garcia!

then for our thursday District, Zone, Meeting, we had a development for the zone, missionaries gave topics and talked about various parts of the work, then we ate lunch together as a zone, a member from the stake catered for us, then we started a zone fast, super cool and successful activity! then I took a pic with my favorite brazillian, elder barbosa!

then we had to go do a baptismal interview on thursday night, it ended up taking a long time to get it done, and we finished at like 9:30 so instead of trying to travel back to our area that night, we slept over in the house of elder fajardo, and dias, the only problem was that they didnt have any beds, so we got the floor ;) hahaha super long and memorbale night!

then on sunday we had a baptism, her name is Grisleidy, turns out that she had been being prepared by the primary president for a long time, she talked to us one day in the street and said that she wanted to be baptized, we had met her family about a month or two ago, her grandma is less active, and her parents are seperated, she is ten years old and has been going to church all year, she told us she wanted to be baptized and we said that we could make that happen, when we asked her what she new, she told us everything, the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, the law of tithing, the sabbath day, everything, super amazing, we just had to review everything and teach a little more on the restoration and she was golden, really was a bit of a miralce baptism, i think it was becuase of the fast we had started as a zone. then after, hna Glennys, the bishops wife invited us to a little banana bread, which was super delicious, and made me super trunky, tasted just like yours mom! and smelled like it too! 

great week overall, one last experience, all of the week we were confronted by interesting people, drunks, crazies, homeless, afflicted, of every kind, most of which wanted money, i normally try to kindly share the gospel and invite them to church, because we are incouraged not to give money to people on the street, but the intersting thing was that my comp, elder cuellar asked me, Why do you think that all the crazies come to us and not to the other people walking around in the street with bibles and preaching the word? he later responded to his own question, I guess because they recognize us as true representatives of Jesus Christ, and he undoubtedly was always visiting those who were sick or afflicted, home less or possesed, no wonder they always come to the mormon missionaries! way cool moment for us, im glad to be a servant of the Lord, wear his name on my chest everyday, i encourage eveyone to share the gospel in any moment possible, this is the kingdom of God. 

hey guys, sorry i dont have tons of time today, i got your e mails, love you so much, im doing great, I even cooked a salad this week, eating healthier! and drinking tons of water!

I wanted to wish dad and D bone a bappy birthday and a happy anniversary to mom and dad, love you guys tons, be watching for a package coming in a week or two! 

thanks for keeping me updated,l love you and miss you all tons! wierd to think, elder zamora goes home, so does elder graff, 10 more months baby, and we will be kicking it back just like the old days
love you all, until next week!