Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 57

Thank you all for the prayers and love, You all really don´t know how much comfort i have felt this past week and a half, I am doing super well, like nothing even happened, super happy to continue working in the Lord´s vinyard! 

This week was kinda a busy one, especially after last weekends experience, but, all has gone super well!

we had interviews with President Corbitt, that changed our p day, so we were able to go with some other elders in our zone to the aquarium, super cool and good time to help the zone bond a little bit. we also had a leadership conference with Pres, and he assigned us a topic to speak on, it was ¨the relationship between numbers and goals, and people and souls of our heavenly father¨ we are seeing some opposition in the mission right now, people thinking that we are working just to complete a number of baptisms, so president asked me to speak about that, key scriptures i found during study were: Revelations 12:4 notice the Lord mentions how many of our premortal brothers and sisters we pulled astray, we read ONE THIRD, the Lord had his childeren numbered, also, Acts 2:41 says that about 3 thousand people were baptized, another quantity expressed in numbers, representing childeren of our father in heaven. and the Key to all of this was found in Moses 1:35, the Lord saiys that for him, all things are numbered, because they are his and he KNOWS them, that was my key point, Knowing the investigators and their lives, thier struggles, and how we can bless them through the gospel. super interesting topic, thankful for the opportunity i had to study and share it.

apart from that, we also had a ward activity that was a success, we had a movie night in the chapel and we invited everyone! we ended up having 40 kids of primary age showing up, and a few adult members to help, even though it was for the family, we were glad to see so many kids shows up!

i also found a kid with a Jr Jazz Jersey, made me trunky.

did an intercambio with Elder Fajardo from nicaragua, cool guy, we ate at this bakery place in the morning, the stake patriarc and his wife own it, and i found out they make carrot cake there, you can bet I thought of you there Dad ;) hahaha

good week overall, the members are starting to work with us a little more, we should see more success soon!

This work is so true, glad to be a part of it, i hope You all know that I love you and appreciate the love and support, your in my prayers as well, keep the Faith always!

 the trunky Jr. Jazz Jersey that brought back tons of memories, shout out to Trevor Schenck for being a sweet Jr. Jazz coach!!! ;)

 the sweet turnout from the activity, tons of kids showed up!
 Elder Fajardo and I infront of el Faro a Colon, supposedly Christopher Columbus was burried there, it is part of his area, so we took a quick pic when we passed by!

 the hermana Dorka and Carrot Cake! 

seriously am doing tons better, havent had pains at all this weekend, i think it has passed, it must have been small, cuz i didnt see anything ;) hahahaha, im trying to eat healthier as well, its just hard cuz they cook so much with oil here in the DR, but i guess it gives me the chance to get creative with how I cook!

you have to give the soccer girls a big thanks for carrying my name on thier wrists during the game, super cool of them to do! tell them I love them!

one thing i was thinking that you guys could do to help is look into a new language study book, im trying to study more effectively, but ive basically finished the mission book that they gave me, and i want to be able to speak better, so maybe you can look up the best study book, maybe a little more advanced, just to help me continue learning.

funny thing happened, brought a flashback memory, found the bishop playing video games with his son, and made me think back to the good ol NCAA and madden football games we always played, dad! super trunky moment, we have to play another game when I get back, see if we can fire up the old PS2 hahaha

also, there is a family here that is named the family perez, they are like my grandparents from the DR, always have us over for lunch, give us juice when we pass by, super amazing people, and they were telling me that they want to visit Utah to see church sites, and especially the temple, we might have to return the favor and loan them the guest bedroom for a couple nights if they do decide to come, it would be after I finish, and it would be way fun as well, hna Perez said that she would teach us how to cook dominican food, and I would take them to the Salt Lake City temple, they are temple workers here in the DR, sweet family, just ponder the thought...

also, I told Elder Zamora and Elder Graff that they would have to pass by the house when they go home in a couple weeks to lay down a couple tracks in the band room, they both play guitar and elder graff has desires to be a professional artist, he has got major talent, i gave them your number, they are planning on going to BYU and BYU I, we will see if they take the offer.

sorry that you pulled your back out dad, thats terrible man, ill be praying for a quick recovery, put on the shockers if you get a chance, i believe in the shocking magic ;) sounds like all is well, super busy, which is good to keep time moving. i hope you this week goes well, tell the kiddos i love them!!!

love your son Colton!

attached is a pic of zamora and graff, two studs im gonna miss!

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