Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 55

transfers were this week, and we found out we are staying the same, elder Cuellar and I will be kicking ozama into shape once more ;) haha excited to keep working here with him.

this week was a little rough, but we found the little joys at the same time.

the baptisms we had planned with the contreras family fell through, opposition came, and it came hard, we are going to have to keep fighting for this family, but with hope and faith they will soon be part of this restored and everlasting gospel. however the mission in this last month broke some records i think, mission wide, it was announced that 213 people were baptized, the mission has changed, we have seen improvements in obedience, faith, and hard work, super cool to be a part of this amazing work! the Lord is Powerful and when we are worthy to be his instruments, he does HIS work!

we have come to realize that this area needs us more than ever, there are about 5 families that are going through serious trials, part member families, investigators, and less actives, it really makes me feel like I was supposed to be here for a reason, love that, but at the same time, hurts my heart to see how a lack of the gospel in the life of a family can be such a factor in the happiness and wellbeing of such a family. the commandments exist to bring us happiness, im gaining a stronger testimony of that every day...

but we had a couple good experiences this week, one was that we were walking down the street contacting and this drunk guy comes up to us telling us that someone wanted to see us, he was super drunk, which was funny, but we decided to follow him, he lead us down a dark alley and i was getting a little nervous but we followed him anyway, turns out we led us to a family that was sitting on their front porch and he said they wanted to meet us, but they didnt even know the guy! they ended up listening to our message though, and now they are progressing, they read the pamphlet and everything! hahaha sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways! hahaha

also had some new investigators come to church, that always makes a day! went to a birthday party of a family in our ward, got cake, which was yummy! 

not too shabby of a week, just hope we see more progress and success in the work and with the people we are teaching. keep those families in your prayers please, I know the Lord is willing to work his miracles according to our faith and diligance!

Love you all! hope you are having a good summer!


this was the zone ozama of the past transfer, not too many other pics to share, next week for sure ;)

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