Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 100

well this was a great and emotional week, lots of goodbyes, but lots of tears of joy, cant wait to get home, but i am going to miss my dominican family!


the highlights this week were: 


leadership counsel, we sang the song i wrote, really sweet!

district meeting, last testimonies

temple trip with president for last time

baptism of Justino and Altagracia

i spoke in church on sunday, great meeting

lots of invites for food, and lots of goodbyes!


i will try to send pics later, not a lot of time today! love you all!




nos vemos in the airport at 7:30 pm SLC intl!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 99

cant believe we are down to 8 days until i am home! the time has just flown and its crazy! the mission has been a great experience, and i am so happy to be finishing strong and very alive ;) hahaha


next weekend Justino and Altagracia will be baptized, and i am so happy for the both of them. we had a great lesson with justino and his wife natali, and we went up to the roof and looked out over the city and just reflected a little bit about the miracle it was that we found them! they honestly have been the miracle of this area, and maybe one of the biggest of my mission. i love this work, and love the difference that we can make in the lives of others. 


i can honestly say that the song how great shall be your joy is completely true. 


this week was a good one, we did a lot of service, met with the members and made plans to help the ward have more success, and we have planned some great activities. hopefully it motivates the members to invite their friends to come and see a little more of the LDS church! 


its been so hot lately, honestly not gonna miss that, im looking forward to a/c and ice water whenever i want it! hahaha


this week is full of goodbyes, we have our last leadership counsel, where we are going to sing the song i wrote "onto the next" or "continuaremos" it will be sung by the 25 who are going home in our group! super excited for that! then last district meeting thursday, im saying bye to paraiso oriental tomorrow, and saturday is the temple trip for those going home! trunkiness!!!


feeling great. love this work. miss my family and happy to see them. it really does feel like a dream that i am about to wake up from. i hope to continue doing the things that i learned here. i know it wont be easy, but its a necessary step, and just like my song says...


"we´ve gone as far as we could go,

we´ve learned by experience, but there´s more that we need to know,

with the help of our savior, its been a success, 

but this part of the plan is complete, so onto the next"




love you all, hope you have a great week!