Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 81

Well, just to say the least, this week was one of the most special of my mission so far, reminds me of the beginning of my mish when Jesus and Katerin got married and baptized. its the same feeling to have seen Brayan and Kateryn do the same this week.


the wedding went well, elder morrow and i were the witnesses, super cool. we later took pictures at the temple with them in their wedding get up, so they could have remember the special day :) then president did their interviews for baptism, we ate pizza in his house with sister corbitt and him, i played the piano that they have in their house, super fun! then at night the ward threw a party for them, had a cake, music, and lots of support, super special day :)


then saturday was their baptism, in the stake white night, Martincito baptized them, super special moment to see that :) I really just kept sitting their saying to myself, how did this happen??? the Lord has blessed us more than i could ever imagine, to be a part of their conversion, i stand all amazed at the love Jesus has offered me, especially to have permitted me to meet brayan and kateryn.


sunday was a wild day though, they were confirmed and he was ordained a priest, awesome! then during the afternoon, night, while we were proselyting, we were driving and our tire popped! we were close to martincito's house, so we pulled over to change the tire... as i was changing it, i realized when i was going to put the other one on, that it was flat too! so i ran up to martincito and asked what we could do, he helped us get to a tire repair shop and fix them up, it took like an hour or so, felt really bad doing that on the sabbath day, so when we talked to president at night we confessed that we hadn't kept the sabbath day holy, then he laughed and said, well i think the Gordito was in the mire ;) hahaha (the gordito is the white van) funny stuff, i was filthy after though!


really special week, also president called another assistant, so now we will be in a trio again! his name is Elder Harris from Elder Harris, from arizona! cool guy, he came with the latinos from our group, but we were in the mtc for 3 weeks together, super awesome guy!


Loving the mission, can't believe january is already over, time just flew!!! before we know it, we will be preparing for the 4th of July celebration, just like right before i left! too funny!


all is well, staying healthy, staying happy, hope everyone has a great week! your in my prayers :)


wedding, and pics at temple of Brayan and Kateryn :)

more temple pics :)

then we wanted to get in on the picture taking action ;) hahaha

ward celebration in the night!

Baptism in the white night, Brayan and Kateryn and martincito, the member that baptized them! also same guy who helped us fix our tire on the sabbath day ;)

  the gang, and all those who were baptized in the zone on saturday night! the white night was sweet, i played an arrangement of "I know when I am Baptized" and all the missionaries sang, spirit was there, pretty sweet night!

me after changing the tire...

elder morrow is sleep is getting used to the sleep deprived life...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 80

So this week was an amazing one full of toooooo many miracles, the Lord has been so merciful and has blessed us more than we really can believe!!!

Elder Morrow and I have been working hard, busy all the time, but the Lord has somehow managed to help us carry out his work, even though we hardly have that much time in the area. we have been working with a couple named Brayan and Katerin, super awesome young couple that wants to make changes in their lives! He grew up living a little more of a wild life, he played baseball, always partied, and didn't really care about what he did, she had a rough past of hanging around with a lot of different Guys, never finding true love... they have about 2 years together, have both grown up more, he is 21, she is 23, the both have one child, but none together. They both have had interest, but never have really been able to come to church, so they haven't progressed a ton. anyways these past few weeks miracles have happened, she dropped her work, so now they can assist church, they have accepted to prepare for baptism this coming weekend, and they just needed to keep the Law of Chastity, which means get married by law. 

so to help them decide to take that step, we did the best thing possible, invited them to the temple! the ward had a trip and we invited them to come. they came and enjoyed an afternoon at the temple with some other young member couples, walking around the gardens, sitting on the lawns, chatting about the gospel and eternal families, seeing a demonstration of a sealing by president Corbitt, super awesome day! then Elder morrow and I got a chance to chat with brayan alone and we asked him how he felt about marriage with Katerin! he said he wanted to, and that he thinks that she did too, so we told him we would help him get ready to pop the question. 

we took preparational steps by helping them get some rings, and work on their paperwork, then this monday we had a FHE in the house of Martin and Carolina, awesome members in the ward, we met on their roof, I cooked dominican dumplings, we shared about the family, and then Brayan took advantage of the moment to ask Katerin to MARRY HIM!!!!!!!! coolest (and trunkiest) moment ever!!!!!!!!! she said yes of course ;) one of the most special moments of my mission to be honest.

now we are planning on them being married this friday, and baptized this saturday in a white night that will be held in the stake!!! please pray that all goes well, and that they can complete this goal they have to receive the restored gospel :)

that was pretty much the highlight. I am driving tons, which still freaks me out, we pray all the time... i am teaching elder morrow as well. 

had an awesome scripture study with pres Corbitt and E. Morrow, talked about Exceedingly Great Faith, and how it ties in with all of the plan of salvation, probably my favorite topic to study.

anyways all is well, i will be coming home on the 13th of June, which is very sure now.  time is flying, gotta take advantage of these last 4 months!

love you all, hope you have a great week!

 sorry its a little blury, this was in the temple

 then on the roof after he proposed to her!!!

thats coca cola in the glass cups!  

FHE with carolina and martin! 
 we found some suits... took a nice companionship pic...

....... and a not so normal one......

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week 79

Well Transfers were this week and it has been hectic!!! i have been sick as well, which is rough because getting up at 1:00 AM to take people to the airport isn't the most fun experience, let alone doing it while being sick, but the Lord has helped and strengthened me which has been a tender mercy/miracle.

cool thing of this last week was that NICOL GOT BAPTIZED!!! she was so prepared when we found her at the beginning of this transfer and it was cool that elder tripp and i got to have a baptism together. we sang at the baptism, the song i know when i am baptized, in spanish and english, elder tripp and i always harmonize so well... gonna miss that now that he is heading out to Los Llanos to prepare to be the branch president out there! CRAZY!!! but i know he will tear it up!!!

Elder morrow and I are enjoying our time together, I drive all over now, because he doesn't know how to drive stick, we are going to practice this week... 

we had a great time eating little ceasars pizza this week, made me think of high school and 5 dollar pizzas, except over here it costs like twice as much... delish though!

loving the mish still, weird thing happened though, we were informed that because of the new mission president coming at the end of June, we will have to leave early to not have a transfer right when he gets here... so basically i think we will be heading home more like june 12, 2017!!! so i will be confirming that a little later, but i think you guys can plan on a little more vacation time before starting up at Weber State (there is the confirmation mom;) hehehe

love you all tons, sorry i dont have tons of time to write, gotta go pick up a new missionary that is coming in from Holland!!! should be awesome!!! :D


Pizza from little ceasars

2:30 AM at the airport....
 Baptism of Nicol :)

 Pict from Mission Home from Christmas

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 78

The biggest news this week is that we are now in a trio as assistants! elder morrow from South carolina will now be with us, he is a stud missionary and i am super stoked to be working with him!

we had a little difficulty this week though, we had 2 baptisms planned, but they both fell through... Nicol is for next week instead, and Jose is now going to be living in another sector, we are making sure that referral gets passed on! we are working with a couple named Bryan y katerin, which is weird, the last couple that i was working with that were married were Jesus y katerin! they have a goal of marriage and baptism for this 28th of January, cool couple, the gospel is really going to bless their lives!

transfers are coming up, kinda fun to work on that process, it will be interesting to see what happens, especially now that we are a trio!!! also have to take some more missionaries to the airport, thats always a trunky experience!!! hahaha 

here is a couple pics for ya, sorry i didnt have a ton of time today...

one of me stocking the book of mormons, and one of our trio, Elder tripp Elder Morrow and I!