Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week 79

Well Transfers were this week and it has been hectic!!! i have been sick as well, which is rough because getting up at 1:00 AM to take people to the airport isn't the most fun experience, let alone doing it while being sick, but the Lord has helped and strengthened me which has been a tender mercy/miracle.

cool thing of this last week was that NICOL GOT BAPTIZED!!! she was so prepared when we found her at the beginning of this transfer and it was cool that elder tripp and i got to have a baptism together. we sang at the baptism, the song i know when i am baptized, in spanish and english, elder tripp and i always harmonize so well... gonna miss that now that he is heading out to Los Llanos to prepare to be the branch president out there! CRAZY!!! but i know he will tear it up!!!

Elder morrow and I are enjoying our time together, I drive all over now, because he doesn't know how to drive stick, we are going to practice this week... 

we had a great time eating little ceasars pizza this week, made me think of high school and 5 dollar pizzas, except over here it costs like twice as much... delish though!

loving the mish still, weird thing happened though, we were informed that because of the new mission president coming at the end of June, we will have to leave early to not have a transfer right when he gets here... so basically i think we will be heading home more like june 12, 2017!!! so i will be confirming that a little later, but i think you guys can plan on a little more vacation time before starting up at Weber State (there is the confirmation mom;) hehehe

love you all tons, sorry i dont have tons of time to write, gotta go pick up a new missionary that is coming in from Holland!!! should be awesome!!! :D


Pizza from little ceasars

2:30 AM at the airport....
 Baptism of Nicol :)

 Pict from Mission Home from Christmas

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