Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 77

So its kinda weird to think that i didnt spend one minute of 2016 in the US, i spent the first half of 2015 and will spend the last half of 2017 in the US but my black year, 2016 is finally over! HAHAHA time has flown...

Anyways, this week was good, we had some more lessons, preparing more people for baptism, there is a young woman in the ward named nicol who is preparing to be baptized, we left her the first pamphlet and when we went back she had read it all and filled out all the questions in additional study in the back part, and downloaded the scriptures on her tablet! super cool! 

we also recieved a referral from the neighbor area, espallat, his name is winer (unfortunate name when pronounced in spanish) but he said it was supposed to be winner in english, but he spelled it wrong... hahahaha anyways, he is cool 19 year old inner city kid, awesome braids in his hair with the sides of his head shaved. i asked him what his greatest desire in life is, and he first said to be a missionary like us, then he said to have his own family and wife living in thier own house. then he said to be a famous rapper, then he said to travel, then he said to be rich and famous, adding that having money isnt a sin, but having a love and desire for money is....... haha...... he has a lot of potential, he is reading the book of mormon now and went to church yesterday, he was taking notes in sacrament meeting, pretty cool.

new years was good, we had to be in by dark cuz it gets all sorts of crazy here in the DR on christmas and new years. so before going home, elder tripp and i brought some large frosties from wendys and sat in the car in front of the ocean. super cool moment, and a nice way to finish 2016 off, we made goals for this year, i am not going to drink soda, nor eat french fries, he is going to do more excercise, i think we are both thinking about getting home and looking good for the next mission field (dating;) hehehe

anyways, looking forward to this month, we have a goal as a mission of 300 baptisms in january and as of now 3 of our dominican brothers and sisters have received the restored gospel, we are excited to see the miracles of the Lord in progress!

love you all and hope that you have a good year! 


 good friends in the mish, tool pic tuesday with elder tripp

 late night stop by elder beard, love that kid

car probs this week, i tried changing the tire and failed, no one could get the dang thing off, we had to take it to the shop...

elder tripp got a ticket... good thing i wasnt driving..... hahaha

had to change some light bulbs, the first time went well, but coming down, the chair completely broke, i fell right through! hahahaha
 had to change some light bulbs, the first time went well
but coming down, the chair completely broke, i fell right through! hahahaha

new years eve dinner, doing it right! we all helped cook!

 elder ferrufino form last week...
setting up for the christmas party, i was in charge of napkins...


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