Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 76

Pictures from Elder Auger

not a lot of time, here is some pics of christmas!

 we saw santa in the mall eating lunch, then elder tripp got trunky!
 the food was great, ate a dish from honduras, called valiadas! elder ferrufino, in the pic showed us how to make them!

 I also made dream cakes, when Elder ferrufino did the shopping he baught this kind of Belvita (velveeta in spanish accent) hahahaha but the cakes were made!!!

We must have been good missionaries this year because there were plenty of gifts to be shared!!! :)
 thanks for all the love and support, we felt it tons this year!

 This Christmas wasn't a snowy one, rather a Hot and sunny one here in the DR!!!
 just some sweet beach side pics i got in the car today working on taking out birth certificates!

we were driving home this afternoon and saw this...... i think its a sign from the Lord saying that we should come back when i get home! its a huge cruise ship! not saying that we should do a cruise, i just saw this family on the beach with that behind it, kinda cool, made me think of vacationing here with you guys, would be soooooooo awesome :)

love you, thanks again for the gifts and all the love, i have the best family!!! :)


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