Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 73

so this week was a good one, we had a zone conference with the 1st counselor of the area 70, Elder Claudio Zivic, really good conference learned tons, enjoyed listening to one of the Lords servants here on earth. 

big news though, during the conference, in a meeting we were having with the Leaders of the mission, including elder Zivic, president pulled me aside during one of the breaks and asked if i had been keeping my covenants and if I had been keeping myself Worthy, and i said i had been, then he told me my transfer early, that he has called me to be one of his assistants next transfer. 
good news is that i will have an amazing experience learning from President Corbitt, and getting even MORE lost in the mission work, bad news is, i wont be sleeping much, and i will have to drive in the crazy dominican streets! hahaha pray for me please...

my companion will be elder Tripp from my MTC group, he is a stud and i am stoked to work with him!

really do feel humbled for the calling, i feel like my living mother working a new job, i am nervous i will feel dumb, but thats part of learning, im excited to learn and grow!

as far as the work goes, the ward had 3 more baptisms this week and one of the kids, named david asked that i baptize him, the other elders taught him, but he said that he wanted the same person to baptize him that baptized the others the previous sundays, cool kid, cool day!

also this lady in the ward asked me to play a christmas song for her to sing, and so last minute i made a sweet mashup of silent night and the first noel, turned out super well, the stake president was there for the meeting and under his power as stake president he specially asked that we repeat the song for the closing him, hahaha way cool, we did it twice, the ward loved it! feel free to mess with the arrangement dad! ;)

anyways, there is a little update on my life as a missionary, love you all, hope all is well back home and that you arent too cold with that wintery weather ;) 

until next week,


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