Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 72

great week, missed you all for thanksgiving, we went to el olé and ate a lot though in memory of the big turkey day, although there was nothing of american food, not even pie, kinda a bummer, oh well.

we had the confirmations of daury and Jenny, and the baptisms of daury´s step brother Francisco and one of his friends Ana Elis! francisco had been waiting to recieve his answer and after seeing his step brother take the step he also decided that he was ready, super awesome! daury is a stud as well, he left with us this sunday to visit people in the nieghborhood, he has given out pamphlets and is talking to his friends about the church, he is already a stud missionary!

its been a little more on the chilly side here in the DR, not like snow in Utah, but you wake up in the morning and you wanna put on a jacket, so i guess its partially winter right? a couple mornings because of the cold, i dont like cold showers, so i boiled a pot of hot water and mixed it with a bucket of water and bathed with that, i know i am kinda a wuss, but it felt sooooooo good! hahaha

we had ward counsel, the branch president told us he hopes that me and elder Lopez stay one transfer more, idk if that will happen, but if it does, i wont complain, it would be awesome to pass christmas here in valiente, its a great area!

missing you guys and the holidays, but the good news is that its the last time we are away from eachother for christmas! cant wait to be back and help decorate the tree and all :) know that my christmas spirit is there, love you all and hope you stay warm! hahaha

until next week, 


pic of Francisco and his family (notice Daury in the tie!)

 pics with the newest members of the valiente branch

funnies of the week, me and my hot shower

elder lopez practicing his Jewish customs...
temple trip!

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