Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 69

so this was another great week, had 9 investigators in church this week, 4 new people, super awesome, the Rodriguez family went again, super awesome, we didnt know if they were going to make it, but they did! the Lord is blessing our area tons right now, we also recieved an awesome refferel from the branch president, ana elis is her name, she went to church and is progressing, should have a baptismal date soon!

fast sunday felt the spirit super strong, bore testimony of the blessings that we recieve when we sacrifice to put the Lords matters first, for example moses giving up his life in Egypt to help God´s people, see Hebrews 11, just as i have been able to see the blessings of serving a mission. I know that The Lord has blessed me more than i could have imagined.

Thinking of you tons dad, i know the surgery will have gone well, praying for you tons bro! 

then we had a fun activity this weekend in the church, the branch pres told me we were going to be caroling, so i was super stoked, when we left to go, i found out it was more like a marching band, they had a guira, drums, and i had my little ukelele that elder zamora left me, wasnt as reverent of an activity as i thought it was going to be, but the christmas spirit was there! haha crazy that its getting to be that time of year!

anyways love you guys tons, hope all is well, thanks for all your prayers and thoughts, i really feel the extra love and support!

until next week!


caught a spare second with this super cute grand daughter of one of our investigators, had to chat with her a little so you guys could see how dang cute the kids are over here! haha

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