Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 70

Well, 20 years went by fast, crazy to think that ive now spent 2 birthdays away from home and them fam... miss you guys, but all is well, loving the mish still!

thank you all for the birthday shout outs, i dont have a tone of time to write, but know that i love you all and appreciate the birthday shout outs! you guys are awesome, thanks for all the love, support and prayers!

this was a good week, had two intercambios, with the zone leaders of villa mella, and los restauradores, good stuff, there are so many great missionaries, feel blessed to have known so many people here serving the Lord.

had 9 investigators come to church, we are know preparing about 4 baptisms or maybe more for these next 2 weeks, should be good! found 17 new investigators, and had 25 lessons, not including with member present, working harder than ever, love that about elder lopez!

cool experience:

i was feeling a little down the other day, for just some dumb reasons, a little trunky, didnt have any lessons for a few hours, and it was super hot, just kinda irritated, I think satan was trying to get to me, so i said a little prayer in my heart and God heard. this lady turned onto the street wlking ahead of us and as we passed her i asked to help her carry the bags in her hands, she was an older lady, she said i could and we walked her home, she told us about her life, so many problems, made my little struggles seem even smaller, she smiled as we got to her house and said she was so greatful for our help, and it changed my attitude for the rest of the day, i Know god listens to our prayers, gave me an opportunity to serve, and as my dad said when i left, the best way to get rid of home sickness and sadness is by serving others. AMEN loveyou dad, thanks for always teaching my the best principles, your in my prayers, glad to hear you are getting better! :) love you tons!

it was a good birthday, had 6 elder come over, we played dominos in the house, made lunch and baked the brownies, super good, thanks mom, the shirts fit as well, i just had to get them sewed a little, but it was only like 2 dollars! :) hahaha you guys are the best!

well, time is running short, love you all, hope you have a great week!


 Thanks for the brownies mom!

  the elders that came over to party, we played dominos and ate great food cooked by the two dominican elders, my comp and elder de los santos! super fun!
 elder allen and i with the brownies, stud from my group

 the dominicans, they made mangu of plantain and yuca! super delicious!

 intercambio with a salvadoreƱo elder lemus, stud, we got wet though!

, then i had to remember how blessed i am to be serving here, even though its hot 24 7 the sights like this make it worth it!

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