Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 71

This week the Lord Helped us help two more of his Childeren enter in the way of the gospel! 

Dauris, and Jenny were baptized, they both have been going to church for the last month or two and finally decided to make the commitment to follow Jesus Christ, super awesome! their families went and now many are more interested in also receiving the gospel, Francisco (Dauris step brother) said he is ready and wants to be baptized next week! super awesome! 

we have been finding more prepared people as well, others that also want to change thier lives for the better, its a huge blessing to find so many prepared people.

this week something a little scary happened though, we were in a taxi car traveling to a meeting and it was raining at night when this motercycle came wizzing by and clipped the side of the car. it slipped and fell, the taxi driver stopped for a second then this guy on the side of the road got all ticked at the our driver and came running towards the car, the driver took off driving but the guy through the only thing he had in his hand at our car, a box of light bulbs, it flew in through the window and hit me in the head! didnt hurt but it was scary still, there is no respect for the law here in the DR... kinda crazy. the lord protects his missionaries though, so no worries! haha

other than that not much more to say, has been great weather here, always cloudy but only a little rain has fallen, its been a cool climate, super nice! just getting a little trunky because we are entering the holiday season, thanksgiving and all, ill probably only be able to get my hands on chicken, they dont really eat turkey here... oh well! 

love you guys tons! talk next week!


 The two most recent converts in the valiente branch, Dauris and Jenny!

 a selfie that i took at the birthday party of Jenny, she got baptized one day after her birthday, super cool family, we ate dominican BBQ and cake!

funny other little story, Jenny´s son Justin was crying after her mom got baptized cuz he also wanted to be baptized, he is only 6 years old... tuff one to have to do on the mish, deny a willing soul baptism ;) hahaha

i ate subway in the capital, thought of high school lunch with friends, i hadnt eaten subway since i left the states!

while we were walking one day, it had rain a little and i slipped in the mud, cut my arm and knee, but all good in the hood! hahaha

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