Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 19

Elder Auger:
well yes this was the week that i got a new comp and he is american as american gets! he has a year in the mission and speaks good spanish! haha we are actually really alike, like to the point that it is scary
ELDER CALL from Arizona and I...
are both 19 years old
we both have blonde hair blue eyes,
have the same number of siblings with the same ages,
we are both big fans of chris farley, and have quoted many same movies,
we are both eagle scouts,
we both like to play sports, soccer specifically,
we have both played the TUBA!!!! crazy one there,
we both like les mis
we both like to sing,
we both love curry, he had his parents send him some curry spices, we might experiment with...
and there is more!!!!
he is kinda a little more quiet and layed back, but im slowly helping him open up and get to know the area, he is really a nice guy, i have enjoyed our first week together tons.
But not gonna lie, it has been kinda hard, now that i am out of training, and controlling my area, its a little more real, before i just kinda followed elder areas around and he knew all about what we had to do, now its on my shoulders and we have a goal to become a ward by the end of this year, we just need about 3 more priesthood members, so we are gonna find them, but with that goal and me being the elder with more time here, im really kinda feeling the pressure, i still lack a lot of things with the language and other things of experience, but im growing, its good.

this week we contacted a bunch of people and put dates to be baptized with 3 people, a dad named ignacio, and his sons jose miguel and jose alberto, they have the date of the 19th of december, we are praying that they are prepared by then, but they have come to church for about 3 weeks now, and should be set :)

the fun things we did this week were that elder call and I cleaned up the backyard of jesus and katheryn where we pass through every day to get to our area, we used michetes and hoes, it was legit, then later we went and explored some trees behind their house and found some fresh bananas which jesus cut down for us to take home, there were like 50 or so!!!! katheryn made us cool limeade, good day, then today for p day we went to the stake center and played soccer in the gym and ultimate frisbee outside, was legit! haha

good week, not a whole lot more to say other than this church is true and i love you all!
until next week!


 the bananas that jesus gave us! dope! :)
 this was us chopping the grass behind the house of jesus and katheryn,

my new comp ELDER CALL from Arizona! he is awesome!

Here are some more pictures from the service project from some other moms:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 18

Text from Service Volunteer to Debbie:
Had the privilege of serving in the DR this week.  There were some awesome missionaries that helped us a ton in the medical clinic with interpreting. ...your son was one of them.  As a previous missionary mom....I loved pictures.  Here are a couple:

Thank you so much! I didn't think I would ever get surprise texts and pictures like this with him being in the D.R.  You just made this mommas day, no week, no month!

Elder Auger:

well im gonna write fast because there is so much to tell.

tuesday night i got a call from elder blount in our zone and said that i needed to go with him to help translate for the service group that was coming in to the country, so wednesday we left early at like 5:30 AM and went to valla wana to help out, i translated for people, helped explain medications, answered questions about diseases, filled out paperwork and at the end we got coconuts, way too cool!

thursday had a great meeting with president corbitt, taught us the importance of study and planning, that when we plan for our investigators we become more like our heavenly father in that we are preparing a plan of salvation for the souls of men. hit me so hard, im gonna plan better now.

friday Jesus and Katheryn got married!!!!!!!!!!!!

saturday, my birthday was too awesome, thank you guys so much for the package and letters, dad the plaque is golden and the journal entries are sweet! we cleaned the chapel for the baptism and Bola, or wedding reception, with katheryn and practiced the special musical number nearer to thee at home, but in spanish of course, elder Areas and katheryn sang and i played the piano, then the zone leaders baught me a piece of cake, super good. then we had the baptism, it was spectacular, we all wore suits, elder sauceda lent me his, looked spiffy, lots of people wanted pics with us, pretty cool. also president corbitt came to the baptism, spòke to us about the temples, and how jesus and ketheryn are getting sealed in a year, so flippen happy man, cant explain it! :) the musical number was perfect, spirit was so strong, got the chills. the ward helped pitch in to set up a wedding reception in the cultural hall after, baught a huge cake and all, super awesome. they are really like my best friends, cant believe how blessed i was to have an experience like that on my birthday!!!!!! :D

sunday, elder areas asked president coyo, BP, if he could bear his testimony, cuz president corbitt told us saturday night that we were splitting up this transfer, he is leaving and im staying, taking over the area with elder call, who i will meet tomarrow, he is gringo, which im not sure how i feel about, because my spanish my go down hill now........ we will see.

the socks and ties were awesome mom. the elders say thanks!

lifted for the first time at a gym we found, elder sauceda and i are gonna be sore, just want to get as buff as my sister jaden who can bench 90 lbs now i hear ;) haha dope!

all is good hear, really am so happy, its too good to be true, feel like im hardly working ;) haha jk jk jk

love you all, peacing out from paraiso!

 El Gran Biscocho y Beso! awesome!

them signing their lives to eachother legally :) i love love!
 the big day that finally came, and president corbitt was there too! how awesome!

 fun pics with the cake, all the people couldnt believe how big and elegant it was! i had to get a pic with it too ;)
 also, sunday night Jesus and Katheryn decorated thier house and made my red velvet cake

 we celebrated my b day, super cool of them! seriously are my homies!!!!

 offically baptized someone for the first time in the mission, elder areas baptized Jesus, and I baptized katheryn,

it was the coolest thing ever, im just glad i didnt mess up the prayer! haha