Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 16

Elder Auger:

so because of lack of time i am going to describe my week more with pics than with words :) 

halloween this week, they dont celebrate it here, but i decided to anyways, we decorated the apartment a little, and i made pumpkin shaped pancakes, the elders loved

we also baught a cake, forgot about that, i was more excited about my awesome pancakes ;) haha but the baptism really was the most important part of the day 
i really do have the best mission though, spiritual experience for the week, we were teaching my DR grandmother mary santana, also less active and we were explaining the restoration and reading in 3 nefi 11 and i shared vs 28 which says that christ told the nefites when he visited him and established his church here in the americas, that he restored these things so that there would be no dispute between the people as there had been, just as he did through joseph smith and as he did himself in jeruselum, and for that we can testify that the lord revealed his gospel once more and for the last time so that the childeren of israel can be united in the church of jesus christ. (the LDS church) really powerful lesson, and she told us that she stopped going to her other church and wants to start coming back to the mormon church ;) haha sweet!

also the food is great here, i ate a lot of new food this week, for example, coca cola rice, which is rice cooked with coca cola instead of water! you have to try it mom, super good! haha also con con which is the burnt rice at the bottom of the pan, which adds a crunchy and delicious texture to food, also papaya shakes, im in love. arroz con leche, or rice pudding, momma castro makes the best. i wieghed myself and i dont think the scale was right, cuz im eating tons, but it said i wiegh 175 LBs which is 15 less than when i left........ wow...... miracles really do happen on the mission ;)

i miss you guys tons, but really all is good, we are so blessed, i count all my blessings every day and cant find room to be sad or mad or upset about anything, i hope you know i love you and pray for you every day, the church is true, love you guys!!!!


ps sweet pic from the temple last week ;)

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