Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 15

Elder Auger:

im going to answer a lot of your questions in my email, so don't worry!

first off this week was a big success as farf as food and cooking goes, i managed to make a bunch of different food for us for breakfast, i cooked pancakes, french toast, eggs and tast, cereal,  and i am going to use your recipes this week if i can mom :) i got your letters, super awesome and inspiring, i used the parable about happiness for one of our menos activos in the ward, really awesome stuff, thanks a bunch! :)

we had a temple trip and took some less actives and some investigators to the temple with us.

one of which was familia Santana, the husband is active but the wife fell away from the church about 15 years ago and we are working with her, she is amazing, the sweetest lady ever, every time we go over there, we dont leaving with out eating or drinking something, always treats us to home made juice which is our favorite, the juice here is outstanding, im gonna miss that most about the DR! really though, they are like my grandparents here, they baught us pizza this week and fed us cookies that tasted just like grandpa augers christmas cookie spritzers, it was scary how much it tasted like them really!"

then we also went with jesus and kateryn, a couple that we have been teaching ever since i got here, and they are like our best friends, a young couple of 20 and 23 i believe, seriously awesome, they are waiting to move so they can get married and be baptized, but we had an awesome lesson with them in front of the temple, talked about eternal families, and the temples. amazing time, so fun. another thing, i told kateryn about my song that i wrote, she looked up my mission video, and downloaded the song gone for 2, and now she is learning how to sing it!!! how cool is that! hahahahaha she also loves celine dion, and so when we went to the temple we went inside the ccm and played the piano in the music room and she and i sang my heart will go on! so much fun, then when we came back, it was passed 8 so we went to thier house and made empanadas, so fun! and spiritually uplifting of course ;)

the language is coming along really well, im starting to really enjoy relationships with the members and our investigators cuz i can actually talk with them now! couldnt be better! the new elders are cool, we alwaqys joke around, i tickle them, as punishment for teasing me, calling me americano, gringo, and it is a good time!

i gave a little lecture during this weeks district meeting about setting goals and using time wisely, that went well, i feel confident teaching in spanish now, sometimes stumble with the grammar, actually a lot i think, but i get the point across i think ;)

all is well we should have another baptism next week, so i will let you know how that goes! im praying for you all, love you tons!


, this is jesus and kateryn at the temple

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