Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 12

well first off, to answer the question, yes i watched conference, yes it was in spanish, and yes i was able to understand it... well a little of it ;) haha we watched it here in my area, some times we had good attendance, and had some investigators show which was awesome.

I loved hearing from the new apostles, cool stuff, one of my favorite talkes was by Larry R Lawrence, he talked about our purpose in life, which is to learn and become more like heavenly father, and to enjoy it along the way, we do that through rightousness, and following the spirit, we constantly should be evaluating ourselves to find out what we should adjust in our life to be more happy and be closer to heavenly father and jesus christ, the holy ghost helps us realize what we can do to improve, and i have really applied this in my life this week, i want to enjoy the mission as much as possible, so im evaluating myself and listening to the holy ghost to see what i can change to do so.

and if anyone wants, send me your favorite conference talk so i can fully understand it ;) thanks!

some things this week,

we had a birthday party for this little girl in the ward, her mom is the one that cooks for us every day, she is d bones age and has a crush on him ;) haha
we got t shirts for our zone that are pretty sweet
watched heaven is for real in our missionary activity in the church, great movie, i recomend rewatching it fam!
saw a guy get attacked with a michete, only cuz he was stealing from a colmado, or mini store, that was kinda scary, he cut his hand pretty good, but nothing to serious. haha love you mom, im safe.

also this week was the end of this transfer, and we found out that elder areas and i are staying right where we are, but we are getting two new missionaries in this area as well, they will be living with us, which should be fun, they both speak spanish only, so my skills will be improving even more ;) we will meet them tomorrow i think.

all is well here, i am really getting along with elder areas now, we are growing closer, im learning lots every day, teaching is awesome, i also invited a lady to be baptized, and she said yes! that is my first time for that happening, recieving a yes ;) her date is for the 24th of this month, should be awesome!

really is good here, loving it, growing closer to the lord each day, also missing you guys, i thought of something cool we could do, mom and dad can join the MOTAB so i can see your faces during conference next year ;) haha good stuff!

until next week,

this is yuleinne, the girl that has a crush on d bone ;) she is 10 years 

i played the piano the last night in the mtc

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