Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 13

big week, not much time, so i am gonna write quick!

got the new elders, niether speak english but they are super cool!

we went to gasque 2 times, one for training for elder areas as a DL and one for a reunion of my misison group, the newbies, and both were awesome, i went to mcdonalds with elder anderson during the reunion of the district leaders, and he is from syracuse utah and is in my group, it made me really happy to eat a big mac, but also really sad cuz i missed home...

we had a baptism this week, elder areas baptized her, it went really well, i was going to play a musical number, but the keyboard didnt work...

we taught a lot of lessons, i taught about the book of mormon, and the spirit was really there,

we had a scary experience with the new elders, one of them said that he was awaken in the middle of the night, he said he felt someone pushing him into is bed, or holding him down, and he couldnt move, he like yelled and woke up his companion, they both couldnt sleep, it was like at 3:00 in the morning! so we are going to dedicate our house tonight (i forget to mention i dedicated a house already), pretty crazy, he says it was an evil spirit, but idk.... fishy...

i gave a blessing in spanish for the first time, i have i annointed but not blessed, so that was cool, she felt better that night.

then today we went to what is called the duarte and did some christmas shopping! haha crazy its already that time of year, well to send packages!!! haha we also passed by some historical sites and took some good pics, it was a really fun day ;)

all is well here, sorry not a lot of time, we got back a little late from the trop to the duarte, but i love you all and glad to hear you guys are doing well!

until next week!


the baptism of hermana Mary,

and i taught an asain guy about the BOM! haha

preparation day pics, we went to la puerta de conde, its like the lincoln monument of the us, i took a rocky balboa pic at the top of the steps,

and this is one of the new elders, Elder Guigni from here in the DR :) good times!

we got ice cream while we were there, my treat,
this is my mission mom as well, momma arelis :)

our church building, its awesome.

this is inside that monument

we rode in the gaugau, or van of robert castro, or the husband of our mission mom that cooks our lunch every day! :) 14 people in a 8 seater van :) fun

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