Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 17

Elder Auger:
well, i am glad to be a missionary, but more glad to be a missionary with family and friends like you guys, got some packages this week, thanks chris and val, and family, im going to be celebrating this saturday, not only my birthday but the baptism of a stellar couple.

Jesus and Katheryn have been investigators for about 5 months now, have had thier ups and downs, i have been getting to know them so well, they are like my best friends here in paraiso oriental, jesus is 20 years old and katheryn is 23, they are going to be married this friday and baptized this saturday. two weeks ago, they werent planning on either, they just said it wasnt there time, then we fasted, prayed, and purified ourselves, or to say, were EXTRA obedient with the rules of the mission, because faith brings miracles and to show faith you have to work, you have to sacrifice, thats why fasting works, thats why we have covenants. but long story short, they are getting baptized november 14 and i couldnt be feeling more happy. the fruits of the mission really do exist. should be some good pics coming your way next week :)

Jesus (the investigator;) is a stud, he came with us to some lessons this week and helped us teach and testify of truth. something that i have seen as a miracle is that a boy, who used to be buddhist, gain a testimony of Christ, find faith, learn to study the gospel, and then met missionarys, had doubts about the book of mormon, then after excercising faith, studying it, came to know of the truthfulness of it, and to see him in the lessons with us testifying of another record of Jesus Christ just hit me so hard about how true this is. the changes that people make through the gospel of jesus christ. feeling blessed.

but we have been working hard, its been raining a lot, so i have been getting to use my umbrella a bit, which is cool. feeling the holidays coming fast, missing you guys tons.

learned how to make some dominican food, domplines, or dumplings, super good, elder sauceda taught me. we also go running in the mornings, him and I and play soccer in the parking lot of the supermarket, really a good time, just a little sore ;)

learning more spanish, just got to get a stronger accent and then i will be good ;)

know that i am praying for you all every day, i love you tons, i know this church is true, i know our savior Jesus Christ lives and has restaured the truth once more on the earth in these latter days.

until next week Love you all!


elder sauceda and i eating domplines, domincan special

scout pride baby ;) haha 5 pesos in the duarte! oh and sorry dad, i had to make grandpa palmer proud and buy a scout shirt i found in the market for 5 pesos, pretty sweet i know! haha

 jesus and katheryn at the temple, this was a couple weeks ago i just forgot to send it i think... we sang in the ccm, katheryn plays my gone for two song every day, and now im translating it into spanish, that will be sweet ;)

katheryn and i striking sassy poses ;) we went shopping with jesus and katheryn today, i baught 5 ties for 10 pesos each, stellar deal ;) also baught a white shirt for jesus to wear to church, should be sweet!

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