Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 68

this week was one of a ton of progress in our area, we have people that are finally getting prepared for baptism, the spirit has touched various investigators and we feel more blessed than ever!

We put 2 new baptismal dates, and will have put three more by this thursday, people are really feeling the spirit, one of our investigators went to church for the first time (Patricia and Miguel Rodriguez) this week and the gospel principles class was on temples and family history work, the spirit of Elijah was there, touched her heart, she even had tears in her eyes, she said she wanted to be baptized. amazing miracle. also the family that went to the white night is progressing nicely, the two sons want to get baptized and we are planning on the 12 or the 19th (Dawris and Francisco) the parents need to be married and they arent really into that idea right now... then we also passed by a lady named Nollis, the daughter of sister encarnacion that went to church for the first time a few weeks ago, the lady that cant walk, anyways her daughter said that she had felt something prompting her throughout the whole week that she needed to go back to that church, that she felt something special, we explained the Holgy ghost and how it works with us in our lives, and she said it made sense, we invited her to be baptized at the end of november and she said "well i guess its something i should do huh?" sweet humble lady.

another fun thing that happened this week was that we did a service project for a recent convert, all 6 of the missionaries in the ward helped cut all the weeds with machetes! super fun, it reminded me of cutting the hedge behind the fence at home ;) hahaha then we took a sweet video that looks like pirates of the carribean, super dope! hahaha

overall good week, weird that today is halloween, cant wait to carve a pumpkin next year... miss you guys, love you tons, hope you have a great week, enjoy the cool temperature, im still sweating up a storm ;) haha

until next week!

 we had a blast playing with the machetes! hahaha

 thanks giving is just around the corner, saw a wild turkey, made me a little hungry

 thursday we went to el ole to eat and elder charles, far right, and i chose a dessert that is basically against the word of wizdom, we ate about half before realizing that it had rum in it... oops... repentance exists for missionaries as well..

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