Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 65

The Hurricane this week didnt even touch us, a little rain is all, really lucky i guess, we are all praying for Haiti, lot of interesting questions coming out of that, great way to preach the plan of salvation...

we are all good, still no water or light, but it should get fixed soon ;) hahah

dont have tons of time this week, but i do want to share one cool spiritual experience,
We contacted a family a while back named the family Rodriguez, they are way cool, the wife is looking for a new church because of things that she didnt like in her old one, and the husband is battling terminal cancer because of 45 years of smoking, the gospel is gonna bless their life. the wife, patricia, told us about a dream she had about he and her husband, she told us about how they were dressed all in white and were in this big stretch of grass, with palm trees and lots of flowers, and they wanted to go over to the other side, but her husband said that it wasnt time yet, in the dream she said she felt so happy, and wanted to know if that was heaven, thinking to what i should say to that, i took out of picture i have of the DR temple and showed it to her, it has a huge lawn of grass, tons of palm trees and flowers, and i said, the people that enter in there dress in white, it is a place where the family can be together forever! the spirit was so strong, we are going to go back and teach them again tonight!

apart from that, we preached in the rain on tuesday, that was fun, and wet. i cooked lunch, dominican food you guys will like to eat when i get back! and we visited candida from la LLave, super cool, elder beard and ramos went as well, fun p day today!

all is well here, sorry for the brief letter, love you all tons, talk next week!


 this was when we went out in the rain, super fun,

 elder lopez took a pic of his comp cooking, he is teaching me tons!
 this is la LLave squad, super cool to see candida, onelbin, darcia and elder ramos again, love them tons! 

 also took a pic, the same group of us, with almost 15 months in the mission!
 this is a pic of my surroundings, we sleep out side on the porch because its always too hot inside the house at night, we basically are living in the jungle, super cool and fun, but at the same time no, not having light or water stinks man! oh well.

 it was super foggy this morning, adds to the cool effect!

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