Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 67

So this week was a great one, to be brief, the main highlights were the white night, which was saturday in the evening, the graduation of the english class, saturday in the morning, and transfers, which elder lopez and I are staying the same!

the graduation was awesome, i played the piano as they handed out the certificates, we had a ton of people, i had to play for like an hour straight, a mashup of hymns, elder frogley sat at my side and kept saying to play a certain hymn and i would try to make it flow into that song as if it were a mashup pretty funny, he started telling me, give said the little stream, and then lord of the rings theme, and i just died laughing, good time.

then the white night was awesome, altough sadly we didnt baptize, no one was prepared for this weekend, however november should be a better month for us. This white night was on the beach, the people getting baptized were baptized in the ocean, super cool activity, sad we didnt baptize... but we took a family and like 6 other teenagers to see and participate, many of them said they want to be baptized next month, so that will be awesome!

we had a pretty lame monday, just got haircuts and sat in the house because of the rain and lack of power, for that reason we havent been able to write, so sorry for that... when i got my hair cut, it was one of my investigators who did it, and when he was half way through i asked him if he had ever cut an americans hairk, he said no, i could tell, because he was sweating and nervous the whole time, he messed up pretty bad, actually left like a mini mullet on the back, missed a ton of hair, but it was worth it, he said he is going to go to church this sunday! haha

excited for this next transfer, hoping to see more of the fruits of our labors here in the campo of valiente (campo means country, or outskirts) haha

love you tons, talk in 5 days! haha


 my first comp elder beard baptizing in the ocean

we also took a huge zone pic in the stake center, matching t shirt we made, and i found this huge wooden spoon in the church kitchen and pretended it was an oar, funny stuff man!
 some more investigators that we are teaching, including jenny, who has a date for the 19th of november, she is the one in green in the back
 elder frampton who went home this last week, gonna miss that guy!
 couple pics of the white night, tons of people, like over 40 got baptized, super amazing night,
 we took a pic with some of the investigators that came, dont mind the punk in the middle who was giving the bird... we are teaching repentance and obedience...
A playing in Valiente Branch Before Power Went Out
Dear Brother and Sister Auger: I wanted to send you a picture of your son and his comp who is from Barahona here in the DR. Together they are Champions!! Your son has played the electric piano in Church this past Sunday - at least until the power went out- the breaker kept tripping and we kept losing lights and AC during the first hour. His playing added so much to the service and really invited the Spirit to enter the small rented building. He is an amazing young man who has had such an impact here in the East mission. I look forward to being at his homecoming talk when he returns in July-especially since he promised to go elk hunting with me and help drag out my elk!! Thank you both for raising this great young man who has touched so many lives here in the DR- Elder Mike McGuire

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