Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 66

This week was an amazing one, miracles happened in our area! we had 9 investigators come to church including a family of 7 (only 4 with the age of accountability) but it was amazing to see the faith of the people in our area. La hermana EncarnaciĆ³n showed exceptional faith, she can not walk, nor use her left arm, she is always confined to her bed, or recliner chair in her house, she doesnt have a wheel chair or anything, but she, her two childeren, and her 4 grandchilderen made it to church this week, it seriously brought tears to my eyes seeing here all dressed nicely sitting at the back of the chapel, we carried her in a chair all around the church and she felt the spirit so strongly, says she and her family want to continue coming to church. biggest blessing of the week for sure. Also, we found a couple more families and prepared people, Jenny now has a date for november, and we are working with 6 jovenes and thier families, kids from the english class, super cool and prepared! really am full of gratitude this week, We always try to express that gratitude and ask our heavenly father forgiveness for our many flaws as individuals and as a companionship. But the work is progressing and we couldnt be enjoying it more!
The branch president said he is going to talk with the stake, he was moved to see her show up as well!

another family that is progressing, even though they didnt make it to church this sunday was the Rodriguez family, miguel and patricia, miguel came with us, or better said, took us to a church activity this tuesday, he has a car and drove us from our area to the church, walking is about a half an hours distance, so that was a blessing. Miguel is pretty sick, with cancer, and lung problems from smoking, but he is very interested in the church, its cool to see him changing, at first he asked dim questions like "where was god when my christian neighbor got robbed, or when my wife got injured" and after explaining the plan of salvation, he could explain clearly to his wife that due to the fall, and our agency, we live in an imperfect world, but that in the next life all justice will be wrought! he is a stud to say the least...
really was a good week, missing home a little more now that the holidays are coming closer!
also, the power got fixed, so we have light now :)

we have an old gas stove, with a refillable tank, we have to take it to a gas pump and fill it up then connect it below the house, its an adventure...

not much more to say, today elder call and i are doing an exchange to go back to paraiso oriental so he can say goodbye and so we can visit Jesus and Kateryn, they are basically less active now... we are gonna see what we can do to help :)
love you all, hope you have a good week! CTR always! the Lord lives and answers prayers, pray always, he listens!

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