Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 64

good week, this was my letter to Pres Corbitt

President Corbitt,

this was a good week, because it was conference, and we had two families show up as well, made my whole week. however we had 5 baptismal dates fall for the white night, because they didnt assist, kind of a bummer, we will see if they have a desire to progress. also continually seeking for new people prepared, elder Lopez is great at contacting, has no fear whatsoever. i love that about him. i meditated during the conference on what i was going to do to improve, and i think my favorite talk was by elder J devn. Cornish, super cool to hear him, i actually ask myself often that question, if I will make it, and the answer is yes! if i continue enduring to the end and repenting, loved that, im going to try to repent daily in the mistakes i may make throughout the day, we are hoping for the Lord´s miracles this month, we are going to need his help to baptize.

all is well, we have been going 2 weeks now without light or running water in the house though, makes me appreciate the little things more... haha talk next week!

anyways, things are progressing, i sent pics of the english class im teachin in the church, super fun!

conference was great, got to watch it on saturday in english, but sunday in spanish, there wasnt enough internet power to watch two at once. so elder frampton and i had to watch in spanish. not really the same, but at least i understood better than a year ago with elder areas when i watched it in spanish! haha the crazy thing was that i saw Rachael Barrowes singing in the choir, took a pic, cool to see a familiar face! haha

the hurricane isnt terrible, just a lot of rain, but we are good, the only bad thing is not light, i have had to wash my clothes by hand, super cool. 

we have three families that are progressing right now, the Rodriguez family, Christian and Anabel, and 3 brothers and sisters who came to the conference, emilio, and evelyn(s) they are both named like that... we are getting to know them a lot better and are glad that they are progressing, hopefully by the end of this month we have a couple baptisms in our far off in the woods area ;) haha

the other big news is that we have recieved about 10 avacados from nieghbors, one of which is bigger than the book of mormon! haha (see pic) living in the woods has its benefits...

over all, great week, feeling healthy, happy, and hot, the humidity never gives in hear...

love you all hope you are all doing well,

special shout out to my sis and the ridge soccer team, hope you are feeling alright cambrie, by the time i get home you will still be able to kick my trash ;) love you all!

until next week!


the english class i teach in the church, sorry i dont have time for more pics, my camera is super slow, i will try to send more next week! love you all 

Dear Brother and Sister Auger: I am a senior missionary living in Santo Domingo and meet with your son each Saturday as he teaches English to students in a little branch in Valiente.  I want to thank you for raising such a fine young man. He and his Dominican comp walk 35 minutes each way and are always on time whereas the other American Elders who live closer to the branch are always very late. Your son is an example to all of us. He never complains and he loves these people. We are so thankful that you have raised such a fine young man. I would. I would be honored to stake my professional reputation built over 35 years upon him. 

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