Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 63

this week has made me miss the USA more than ever i think,

lets say that i have been living the last 5 days without electricity and without running water... makes you appreciate the little things that you use every day. #bucket showers

also means we havent had fans either, been super hot, we sleep on the back porch, too hot inside...
however it has been a great week in the work, various people telling us that our message brings them peace and understanding, we are meeting tons of people every day, a couple families that might progress, they have cars so they can drive to church, walking is like a half an hour or more!

elder lopez is teaching me more of the dominican ways, we spent 200 pesos, which is like 4 and a half dollars to buy 100 green bananas, and 30 plantains, learning how to cook more dominican food and do it cheaply, also found some coconut and elder lopez knocked it down and we ate it natural, super delish! he is learning and teaching, great trainee!

i realized the importantance of the spirit, which teaches us what we should do, motivates us to act, we have been inviting many people to prepare to be baptized next month, and the few that have accepted were the few that could feel the spirit, i like my area because its a little more out in the country, and there is not as much noise, i think the spirit is stronger in places like that...

anyways, not much more to say, all is well, loving the work, miss you all, and hope you know as i do, that this church is true. be safe and have a good week!

 p day when we played basketball with the branch president
 when we knocked down the coconut!

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