Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 62

huge week, little time, we will see how fast i can explain it all!

so i recieved my kid... or more like my dad, he is a dominican named Elder Lopez from barahona, and he is literally like my dad, he is 6"4 and like 230 lbs, monster, 26 years old, convert of a year and a half ago. he was a pentacostal for 5 years, and now he is mormon! he is super excited to learn, however its a little wierd that he is so old, i feel like im not really supposed to be training him... 

our area is valiente "c" or to say that there are 6 missionaries in this ward due to an english class this ward offers, more than 200 people come every week and we hold the class in the church, so i showed up this saturday morning to a class of like 25 kids to teach english, pretty interesting... also we teach english in a public school, another class of 30 kids, im teaching tons of english which is pretty interesting, and fun! really makes me feel good to be able to speak two languages!

our area is the very far part of the ward, 30 mins walking from the chapel, which puts us out in the country part of the area, i feel like our house is in a cabin in the woods, pretty dope actually! we live on the same street as a pentocostal and adventist church, it will be interesting to see how many people we can get to walk 30 mins to church every sunday. i have the Faith though :)

im feeling at the peak of my mission, contacting tons, 6 hours a day, getting to know the area, seeing who can progress and who the Lord is preparing to recieve this restored gospel! 

other than that not much to say, i never see the ocean here sadly, but i like the country side anyways, feels a little like south weber ;) haha

quick shout out to my grandparents that have and are moving, love you guys!

also to my cousin Zander, love you buddy, your in my prayers, i know everything will go well with the surgery! 

love you all tons, talk to you next week!


 Elder Lopez and I with President and Sister Corbitt!

 Mi Hijo/Papá in the forest/our area!

 Elder Sandoval and I on an intercambio we did this week, he is from Chile, shout out to ty!

 then during study this week i found this little guy crawling around, how cute eh?

elder cuellar!

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