Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 60

Normal week, the highlight was today tho...

so this week we had a couple meetings, one with the stake president and president corbitt, we talked about the goals of each ward to baptize and talked about how we can work together to speed up the Lords work, always love meeting and hearing president corbitts words, he is going to be an apostle some day! also he bought us pizza afterwards, gotta love that!

then it was also elder cuellars birthday, so after an intercambio we did, he came over to the other house and elder salgado and I had made a salvadoreƱian dish, called pupusas! delish! also made cake, fun time!

then elder cuellar ended up doing some crazy stuff, first, broke the dvd player by sleeping on it at night, then he was cooking and through a match he used to light the stove on the counter, and he thought it had burnt out, but it hadnt, it caught the blender on fire, (idk how) but i got thier in time to put it out after smelling smoke coming from the kitchen, God watches over his missionaries!

then today was a blast, we went to this park to play soccer, and i wore this mexican jersey i found in our house, and i was part of the ¨mexican¨ team, the only gringo, we played against missionaries from brazil, honduras, nicaragua, el salvador, puerto rice, costa rica, and more, but we ended up winning, we did a PK shootout at the end and i had to take the last kick, turned out that they picked the gringo mexican to take it, and i ended up making it, so we won, then we ate pizza, super fun time, i played with elder carrillo, palma (mi hijo) ramos, and others i hadnt seen in a while, super good time!

not much more to say for this week, sorry, but we are seeing more progress in san vicente, the only thing is that transfers are next week, so we will see if i stay or if i go now ;)


 elder cuellar birthday

 onelbin, from the llave, serving here as a mini missionary! super cool!

 elder cuellar and the blender that he destroyed this week

elder cuellar and the dvd 
 pics of soccer, viva! mexico!

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