Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 74

This was my first week working in the office, my new responsibilities are a lot. my new companion is elder Tripp from my group, he is a stud, glad to be working with him :) we live above the bishop storehouse, there is air conditioning in our house, and light 24-7. glad about that! However, i am super tired right now...

we spend most of our time giving follow up to the zone leaders on how the people with baptismal dates in the zone are doing, running errands so people can get married, taking people to the doctor, managing the money of the mission, receiving and paying for mail, making reports to send to the area 70, preparing meetings and conferences with the zones and stakes. we meet with the stake president and president corbitt of every stake, every month, super cool, and proselyting during the evening. 

i drive a hyundai van that is manual, or stick shift, super cool, im learning how to not jerk the car around... hahaha, we have to give permission for tons of stuff, if an elder needs to leave his zone. im super humbled, because really dont know much yet, however, i did have an interesting experience taking an elder to the airport for the first time, he was brazillian and need to go home on emergency... elder tripp and i drove him to the airport after picking him up and it was my job to get in, check him in, get his baggage taken care of and pay for his migration fees. the Lord helped me know what to do, cause i had know idea what i was going to do before getting there! hahaha

Elder Lopez is doing well, they have 10 people with baptismal dates now, sad i am not going to get to be there for those, but its cool to see him take off on his own, super stud!

anyways, loving it, learning tons, still getting used to the new assignment.

love you all lots!

getting ready for christmas! ;) hahaha


selfies in the office...
we live with 2 other elders, who are in charge of housing and office work, elder aguirre and elder ferrufino, super cool guys! we cooked today and yesterday, cuz thats the only time really that we are in the house... hahaha

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