Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 56 - Colton Hospital

Mom and Dad, I am so sorry that you have been so worried the last few days, i almost was thinking it was better that you guys didnt find out so that you wouldnt ahve to worry so much, but, i now realize that the Lord has blessed me more than I could ever imagine with a family who trusts in Him enough to excercise faith through fasting and prayer, thank you so much for that, i really did feel the love and prayers from our family and friends, i was super worried about going home as well, when they told me i was going to need surgery my heart sank... i started praying as well that i wouldnt have to go home, and obviously the Lord worked some miracles, cuz I am doing great! we actually are back to normal, im still on lots of medication, just pain pills, antibiotics, and things to help the kidney stone... im not drinking soda or eating crappy food, just drinking lots of water and eating whole grain bread with fruits and eggs. i still feel a little pain from the kidney stone (which hasnt come out still) but it should be out soon, keep praying for that! i will give a better detailed description of my week in the general email, but i just want you to know that I love you, im fine, and that the Lord is watching out for us!

sincerely your son,


First off, big thanks for the prayers and thoughts this past week, I can honestly say that i felt the love and comfort from all of you, family and friends. I never thought I would end up passing time in the hospital, but I definately learned and grew a lot from the experience.

just to fill you in on the details...

friday I woke up at 4:30 AM with a serious pain on the right side of my back, i thought i was just a little sick, so i tried the usual, going to the bathroom, drinking water, even vomiting, but it wouldnt go away, i waited a couple hours, until about 6:30 then finally called the Doctor, he said i could come to the mission office and he would take a look at me, so we hopped in a taxi by the church and went over there.

when we got there he examined me and said he believed that i had a kidney stone, so he sent me to the hospital to do testing. when we got there, we found out they didnt accept our church insurance, so we had to call the assistants to bring a mission credit card to pay the deposit, while they were on their way, i was basically rolling around in the waiting room, then when they got there, the first thing i asked them to do was put me on pain meds, and as soon as they did, i felt tons better! then for the next few hours they would do a sonogram and blood and urine tests to find the problem. when they came with results, my heart sank. they told me I had a kidney stone, and that my Gall bladder was infected and inflamed. the doctor said i was going to need surgury to get it out, so i called president and the mission doctor, doctor mason, and we discussed what would need to happen, they said that if i was going to get surgery, i would have to go home. i started praying that they wouldnt have to operate on me.

that night we decided it was a better idea to admit me in the hospital, one for the pain, and two because we wanted to find out if i really needed surgery or not. so Elder Cuellar and I were taken to a room to spend the night. we later found out that we had a temple and ocean view from our room, super cool. but i was still constantly worrying about going home.

then on saturday morning, doctor mason came by with better news, he explained that he thought i might not need surgery because it appeared to be something that can wait for a while, but we had to make sure, so for all of saturday and sunday i would just continue recieving medication for the infection and the pain, and then on monday they were going to be able to determine how my gall bladder was doing. 

in those days i received visits from the assistants who brought us clothes and stuff to change into and shower, office elders (who gave me a priesthood blessing) president and his wife, and doctor mason and his wife, i sure was missing home and my family, i just wanted to talk with someone, i kept thinking about my dad and when he had to get his gall bladder taken out, that brought even more nerves, but i felt comfort at the same time, Elder cuellar was a trooper and kept my spirits high, we joked that i was going to be able to see all the new movies and listen to new music coming out, so there was always a light spirit with us. we spent most of our time reading the scriptures, studying PMG, watching the Church dvds, and sleeping. we had a tv with cable, but being missionaries, never once turned it on ;) hahaha 

then monday finally came, they did an MRI and found out that my gall bladder had settled down, but that the stone hadnt passed (its still there) but they gave me the best news ever saying that i was going to be able to return to the mission field, and wait until later to operate my gall bladder, im on tons of meds right now though, drinking tons of water, waiting for the stone to pass. the interesting thing was that they told me that the pain from a kidney stone is often compared to the pain of giving birth... they said this experience would be a blessing later in life because i would be able to give comfort to my wife knowing how she will feel in having a child! hahaha

I learned a lot these past few days, 

the gift of toungues is real (i understood a lot of medical terms in spanish that i had never learned before)

priesthood blessing are given under diving power

and the principal of fasting and prayer is true.

the Lord watches out for his children and knows their hearts, i know that this is his work, and that he has control over it, im greatful for the restoration of the priesthood, and the principles of the restored gospel, i am also greatful for those of you who kept me in your prayers this weekend, know that they were felt and appreciated, i love you all so much!

the Work continues on, im glad to say that monday night we were able to leave and visit some investigators, all is well, i couldnt be feeling better!

until next week!

 well, i dont have tons of pics, but these ones best describe the hospital experience, the first one is when i finally got on pain meds, felt super great,
then the other one is when the assistants visited me and elder cuellar, it was super nice to see familiar faces.
 the sofa bed that elder cuellar used for 3 days! hahaha he was a real trooper!
 pic with my awesome doctor Milagros Alcantara, she was super nice and helpful. you can also see the nice view we had in the pic with pres Corbitt!

a nice selfie that president took when he came to visit with his wife

the temple view from our room,
Soccer Girls dedicating game for Colton

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