Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 54

this week i dont have tons of time, but i will give the highlights...

The familia contreras is progressing tons, we may have 3 baptisms this weekend, if the mom and her daughters decide to commit, if not, i know they will be baptized in August! alexis is making progress as well, the ward is working with him on the addiction program, we are seeing results. we also stopped by their house this week and they had prepared us dinner as a surprise, and its funny, cuz i had also brought alexis a shirt to wear, and elder cuellar brought him a tie, he wore them to church this sunday, awesome!!!

we played basketball today, super fun pday, super hot, but worth it.

elder beecher and I found out that we having very similar designed ties, the whale and fish tie! hahaha pretty funny!

i did an intercambio with the zone leader trainers, kinda funny, they are more dead than us, i felt like i was the one training a little bit, i just hope i am more motivated by the time i only have 3 months left.... hahaha

all is well, not much more to say, its hot. thats for sure! hahaha

love you all, sorry its not too exciting this week, but here is a couple pics!!!


alexis and caterin contreras!!! love this family so much, alexis made us laugh, he said he wants to be a missionary now! hahaha caterin made frijoles borrachos without alcohol, cuz now she understands the word of wisdom ;) hahaha great time with them!
 Elder Cuellar and I also cooked some dominican food, rice, beans, and pork, super delish

 then elder beecher and I had the sweet tie combination! fun stuff! hahaha

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