Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 51

wow, what a big week, so much to say, so im just gonna explain it with pictures ok?
 So yes, this week i did get to drive, luckily i didnt crash ;) all went well, we got the food to the temple safe and sound, super fun, and wierd, seeing that its been almost a year since i last drove!!! hahaha

 this week we also went to the temple, which was seriously so nice to have been able to do, to remember the powers that are here on earth that have been restored through Jesus Christ himself! FAMILY IS FOREVER!

So for the fourth we spent it doing one of the most fun things i have done my whole mission, GOLFING!!! we got invited to go play in this super nice resort in the touristic area of the DR, let me tell you, i dont think i have been so trunky for a while, it reminded me so much of when i would golf back at home with family, or with friends, thought about a lot of you and the times we hit up the golf course, super great way to celebrate the 4th of July! 
so, there is a couple little stories behind these two pics, first, the ties that elder Graff and I are wearing sum up our day perfectly, one reminding us of our beloved american country, and the Other going golfing on a p day, super awesome, and the other are all the elders from my group that went, elders Beard, Walker, and Affleck, we are all holding up the number one, for one year down, and one more to go, elder affleck told us that he was looking into flight reports for all the elders in our group, and the majority of us are supposedly planned to be flying home on the 4th of July of 2017, which may not be 100% true, its just the rumor we heard ;) we will confirm that a little bit further on in the future, we just felt like using our eye of faith ;) haha 

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