Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 50

Ok sorry i didnt write yesterday, we didnt have light and we had a short p day for the temple trip as a mission this friday, and I dont have time today because we found out that this morning we have to go to the temple to go help drive to pick up lunch for half the mission, and seeing that I have a drivers liscense they asked me to help so I will be driving a mission car TODAY!!! crazy huh??? pray that i dont crash ;) hahahaha

this week was good, we recieved our new comp elder Cuellar, he is from El Salvador, super cool guy, we get along really well, but the trio is really interesting, kinda hard, but kinda awesome at the same time, we are enjoying it though!

the work is progressing, we are finding tons of new people that are willing to listen to our message, this sunday we had 10 investigators in church which was awesome! the members are working more with us now which we love, im really excited about the work right now!

the other only thing is that right now we are all battling the cold, runny and stuffy noses aren´t fun, but we are good, ive been learning to make herbal tea, something they do here a lot, super cool :)

anyways i love you guys, wish i could be in california with you, thats the plan for next summer for sure!

Love you Tons! have a good week!

 this is our new comp elder cuellar!

 this was our p day when we explored our area and contacted along the river and in the barquita, cool places, not a lot of success in the work though... everyone deserves the gospel though!

this was our weekly planning session goal we set for baptisms, then we went to taco bell and i found this sauce packet!!! haha then we ate lunch with a member return missionary Jack, he is a stud and helps us in the work tons! good week, love you all!

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