Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 49

this week was a good one, many miracles again, and blessings as well!

first off, we had two baptisms, the miracle man Juan, and Daimary, the daughter of Daisy, really intense story though, Juan has a friend Raquel that is a member, and during sacrament meeting she had a little blood pressure drop, and started panicking, they ended up calling an ambulance and she went to the hospital, Juan went with her... he was planning on getting baptized right after church, but we thought we were gonna have to postpone it, then during the last hour we get a call from Raquel saying that she is fine and that they are on the way back for the baptism! he ended up getting baptized after all! raquel is a trooper ;)

this week we helped the bishop move, kinda fun, it was just across the street so it wasnt too hard, we also helped them put up cabinets in thier house, which made me think of dad and mom when we do projects in the house, the bishop kept drilling holes in the wall until he found one that worked and his wife just got more and more stressed every time he drilled another one, reminds me of dad in the basement trying to find the studs behind the sheetrock ;) hahaha good times...

also we had a cool little teaching experience, Elder Zamora and I were explaining the gift of tounges to these people who were a little confused, many think that the gift of tounges is speaking nonsense and that only those IN TUNE with the spirit can understand, but in 1st corinthians its states obviously that if you are going to speak in toungues that someone has to translate, so in the middle of the discussion we just started speaking english, then asked if they could understand us... they obviously couldn´t, so Elder Zamora would speak and I would translate and we explained a little bit better the gift of toungues :)

another funny thing, just to explain dominican culture, the people are so loving, we contact this guy and he invites us into his house, we talk for a second then he tells us to stay still, that he is going to go to the store to buy us crackers and soda... he left before we could say anything, so there we were alone in some strangers house for a good 5 minutes, the man just wanted to be kind to a few servants of the Lord. I love Dominicans.

transfers came, Elder Zamora and I are staying together!!! :D but we are recieving another companion, elder cuellard, from el salvador, so we will be in a trio, should be interesting... haha 

all is good, i miss you all tons, especially the crush family, special shoutout to the reining national champs that you will always be! love you all!

I know Im in the mission and am doing the work of Our Heavenly father, but I would like to take a sec to mention my South Weber father as well...
This man is my hero, i wouldnt be the person I am today without him, I can honestly say that He is my best friend! how many guys go on double dates with thier dad, have a rock band with thier dad, Play Sports competitively with thier dad, just a few things that show that we truly are best friends. I love you Dad, and I hope you know how grateful I am that our Heavenly Father put us together, i dont know what I did to deserve such an amazing father, but when God sends you a blessing you dont really go asking why it was sent... 

Enos1:1 Behold, it came to pass that I, "Colton", knowing my father that he was a just man for he taught me in his language,and also in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and blessed be the name of my God for it. 

the church is true, and the book is blue. my short testimony for this week! until the next!


Here is the baptism of Juan (Raquel to his side) and Daimary and her mom Daisy! great baptism, forget to mention, the bishops wife and us sang nearer to thee at home, turned out pretty well!and our zone
 this transfer, gonna miss some of these guys, gald to stay here in Ozama though!
 few pics of our good eats this week as well, ice cream and funny faces

as well as mexican taco/nacho bar, super good, we are learning to cook!

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