Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 48

so this week we had a bucket full of miracles, let me just explain a few.

MIRACLE 1 (J-Mora)
My comp and I are walking through the street and we pass a basketball court, a bunch of gangsters are playing and they start taunting "los Americanos" telling us to shoot a 3 to see if the americans mormon missionaries had game, they toss it to Elder Zamora and he hits a Jimmer range 3! they freaked out and we walked away knowing the Lord had blessed us.

MIRACLE 2 (Dreams do come true)
So we had a reference waiting to be contacted, we had tried before and never was home, then last monday night we decided to try one more time. met a man named Juan. we start talking and he just wants to tell us about a dream he had 8 YEARS AGO! a friend of his had invited him to the baptism we held last month and he accepted, we saw him but never got to meet him. he explained that when he saw the girls being baptized all in white he remembered a dream he had 8 years ago of him doing the exact same thing, then he asked if he could do the same, we explained our purpose and that this sunday after church he can be baptized. he is now preparing himself for this weekend, amazing.

MIRACLE 3 (Power of the BOM)
an investigator named Geidi had been to church with her friend a few times and we visited her explaining the book of mormon and that she should read that book if she wanted to know if our church was true. we also invited her to baptism, she said she would think about it. this week we passed by and he told us all about first nephi, the story, the names, the brass plates from laben, EVERYTHING! she said she was reading one night and something came over her, she started crying and didnt know why... we explained the fruits of the Holy Ghost and how it testifies of truth. she is preparing to be baptized this sunday as well.

MIRACLE 4 (marriage counselors)
so yesterday was a rough day, basically all our afternoon apointments fell and we did a lot of walking in the heat, it was about 8:45 pm and we started heading back to the house, when a thought popped into my head to go visit Yisenia, an investigator whose daughter Indhira got baptized last month. i didnt know why i thought that, because everything was normal, we had a lesson planned with them for tuesday, but we decided to go pass by real quick, we get there and find out that here and her spouse (a less active who is reactivating) and her were fighting, they had a serious argument and were ready to go their seperate ways, then we arrived and talked for about 45 mins. explained the strongest power of love, which is one of sacrifice, the kind of love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us, and how he sacrificed his son so we could be happy, then we explained that they can sacrifice little things to make the other person happy, thats where true love exists. one of the most intense, spirit filled lessons of my mission, full of tears- of sadness and confusion at first, then of love and understanding at the end. the Lord answered my prayer when he put the words in our mouth that they needed to hear. we left them with the challenge to read a general conference talk we left them, pray as a couple, continue asking forgiveness of eachother, and at the end to give eachother a hug. when we left they were united again and the 4 of us new the Lord had sent us there. amazing.

the Lord is Miraculous, anyone that doubts it- take my word, read the scriptures, and pray to know, you will.

sorry for the long email, its was just an amazing week that i had to share it all.

love you all!

i would just like to say that the Dominican Culture is a lot better than Elder Palmer Makes it sound, here is a pic of what our Bishop fed us this week ;)
The Bishop was kind enough to invite us to lunch on sunday, his wife made pig ear and Yucca. thank you for preparing me for the mission dad, always making me try wierd things, #ForeverGrateful
 this is one of my favorite members of the ward in san vicente, his name is Fuji and if you want to know what he is like, basically the Dominican version of Ray Peek, even in the resemblance, makes me laugh every sunday, had to send a pic home in memory of that man, LOVE YOU RAY! ;)

so just 2 pics of Elder Zamora and I, we are doing better at cooking in the house, we made pasta with ground beef and Hamburgers another day, also, we spend the time during lunch playing chess, something we competitive missionaries love doing, thanks dad for teaching me how to play so I could whip up on my mission comps ;) haha

Today was a super chill P day as well, we went to Elder Graffs area and had a BBQ! we had a member loan us thier grill and we charcoal grilled it up man, hot dogs and steak, played dominos and chilled, love these guys tons, sad they are leaving for home in 2 months!!!

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